Oct 022013

 70 percent off Target backpack clearance

I  braved the rain today, because my middle son was out of guacamole, and we had gone through all of our avocadoes. It turned out to be great timing though, because I found 70 percent off Target backpack clearance.

I did not get any backpacks, but I did pick up a cooler and a lunchbox. As an extra bonus I found a great dinner set for the baby, so now she has her very own cup, plate and bowl.

Target clearance 70 percent off

70 Percent Off Target Backpacks & Lunchbox Deals:

3 Piece Dinnerware set on 70 percent Target clearance at $2.38 (Was $7.99)

Embark purple cooler on 70 percent off Target clearance sale at $3.88 (Was $12.99)

Iron man lunch box on 70 percent off Target clearance sale at $2.38 (Was $7.99)

Wholly Guacamole $4.49 – Free product coupon from promotion = FREE


Tax $0.52

Total out of pocket $9.16

Total saved $26.31


Have you been waiting the 70 percent off Target clearance on backpacks and lunchboxes?



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