Oct 032013

ALDI produce

We did not make it to ALDI last week, which means that we were low on all the basics including vegetables and fresh fruit. Thankfully I had the freezer stocked with frozen veggies, which is how we’ve made it through until today. Without ALDI, our grocery bill would definitely be at least $20 higher every week for our family of six, so we are very thankful to have an ALDI in our area, even if we do have a bit of a drive to get there. Now that the boys a back in school, we try to make it to ALDI every two weeks, so I try to buy enough produce for both weeks.

ALDI foods


I did notice that the ALDI milk had increase to $2.99 for a gallon, but on the other hand, eggs had decreased to $1.29


ALDI chicken


Our ALDI Grocery Shopping Deals:

10 lbs of Russet Potatoes $3.79

2 lbs of Red Onions $1.59

3 lbs of Oranges $1.89

3.71 lbs of Bananas $1.63

3 lbs Granny Smith Apples $1.89

2 lbs Pears $1.29

1 lb of Mini Sweet Peppers $2.49

Mushrooms $1.29

Roma Tomatoes $2.29

Iceberg Lettuce $1.19

2 Plantains @ $0.25 ch

Broccoli Crowns $1.69

1.80 lbs of Fresh Chicken Tenders $5.20

3.22 lbs of Fresh Chicken Thighs $3.83

3.09 lbs of Fresh Chicken Drumsticks $3.68

Hamburger Buns $0.89

Waffle fries $1.79

1 Gallon of ALDI Milk $2.99

1 dozen Aldi Eggs $1.19

Instant Oatmeal $1.49

Quick Oats $2.29

Flour $1.49

Baking Mix $2.19

Basil $0.99

Cookies $1.89

Veggie Chips Sticks $1.79

Pita Chips $1.99

Nachos $1.19

Tortilla Chips $1.19

Total out of pocket $57.76

Total saved $20

(Compared to the lowest prices at other grocery stores in our area)


What is one thing you always try to get at ALDI, because their price is lower than at your other stores?

  2 Responses to “ALDI Price Increases & Decreases – Saved $20”

  1. Have you thought about joining Sam’s club? It might be with the savings just on meat to go once a month. I held off and got one when they were offering a livingsocial deal. I got a year membership for each me and my husband, $20 GC, free rotisserie chicken, 2 doz large cookies and a large pizza for $45. They have since sent me 2 free combo meal coupons from their cafe and 2 more $5 GC. After the GC it was really only like $15 and all the free food (worth more than $15). They’re everyday prices on BS fresh chicken breast is $1.88 lb and fresh breast tenders $1.99 lb! Mccormic pure vanilla extract is only $6.88 for a 16 oz bottle! Thats even way cheaper per ounce than the 2 oz bottle at Aldi! Plus they’ve had some other no clip coupons on some products we regularly use.
    I know it’s not for everyone, but with a family of six, it may well be worth it if you come across another deal!

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