Oct 182013

American Eagle Outffiters white tank top

My favorite white tank top had been worn to shreds after many years of wear, so I headed to Twice to see if I could find a replacement. I sure did, as I found an American Eagle Outfitters tank top on sale at $8.95. With some Twice credit and a Twice coupon, I managed to get it for free…and what’s better than free.

The white American Eagle Outfitters tank top was just what I needed to wear under my shirts, so I am thrilled and so is my bank account.


My Twice Deal:

American Eagle Outfitters Tank Top at $8.95

– 15 percent off coupon from liking Twice on Facebook

$5 Shipping

– $12.61 in Twice credit

Total out of pocket $0

Total saved $8.95


If you want to give Twice a try, sign up to get a $10 Twice bonus to shop for here. Once you sign up to get your $10 bonus, make sure to like Twice on Facebook to get a 15 percent off Twice coupon as well.

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