Oct 232013

After last week’s lack of shopping, we were getting low on produce and essentials, which meant that a visit to ALDI was necessary. So in between doctor’s appointments and school conferences, we headed to our favorite ALDI store.


I don’t know what we would do without the low prices at ALDI. These days I just do not have much time to go through my coupons and search for deals, so I really appreciate the coupon free, low price shopping at ALDI. For the $55, we got more than 25 lbs worth of fresh produce, milk, lots of baking goods and a bunch of treats for the kids – I even threw in a big ALDI pizza for dinner.


ALDI Groceries:

2.97 lbs of bananas $1.31

2 lbs carrots $1.29

10 lbs of Russet potatoes $3.59

1 lb of mini sweet peppers $2.49

3 lbs of onions $0.99

2 x packages of Broccoli crowns @ $1.69 each

2 x packages of mushrooms @ $0.75

3 pack garlic $0.99

Tomatoes on the vine $0.99

2 ct green peppers $1.19

Zucchini $1.29

Lettuce $1.49

Powdered sugar $1.19

Brown sugar $1.19

Baking cocoa $2.19

Baking Mix $2.19

Brownie Mix $1.29

Clancy’s Vegetable Chips $1.70

ALDI Duplex cookies $1.39

2 x ALDI Eggs @ $1.29 each

1 gallon ALDI Milk @ $2.99

Chicken Drumsticks $3.65

Black Beans $0.59

Onion rings $0.49

Shoestring fries $0.99

Deli Pizza $4.99


Total out of pocket $55.62

Total saved $29 (compared to the lowest prices at the regular grocery store)


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