Oct 252013

I love the Florida weather, because even in the fall and winter I can wear capris or skirts on most days. So this year, instead of going out and buying something new, I decided to use some credit to Twice.

Blue denim skirt New York and Company

Every day Twice sends me an email with some clothing in my size that they think I may like, If I choose any of these items, they give me a 10 percent off Twice coupon code to use. So, when I spotted a cute dark denim skirt from New York & Company, I knew I had found a new favorite. Hot, hot, hot – sign up now and make sure to check your email every day, as you may luck out and get a 30 percent off coupon!

The skirt denim skirt from New York & Company arrived a few days later, and it looks fantastic, and if I did not know that it was purchased second hand, I would think it was new. After the Twice coupon code and credit, I managed to get it for free.

Twice Tip: To get your daily emails tailored with items you like, try going to Twice and find a few of your favorite pieces in your size and leave them in your Twice shopping cart. It worked for me.

Prices start at $8.95, so after your $10 Twice sign up bonus and 15 percent off Twice coupon (from liking Twice on Facebook), you can find some great deals.

My Twice Deal:

New York & Company Blue Denim Skirt $11.95

– 10 percent off coupon from my daily Twice email (Make sure to check your email every day, you may get a 30 percent off coupon)

$5 Shipping

– $15.76 in Twice credit

Total out of pocket $0

Total saved $15.76


If you want to give Twice a try, sign up to get a $10 Twice bonus to shop for here. Once you sign up to get your $10 bonus, make sure to like Twice on Facebook to get a 15 percent off Twice coupon as well plus check out your daily emails from Twice – click through to see, if you are lucky enough to get a 30 percent off coupon.

  3 Responses to “Twice Review: My Free New York & Company Skirt (Get Your $10 Now!)”

  1. I would love to get the Medium Blue Cropped Jean from Not You Daughters Jeans because they are cute.

  2. I’m actually already a member of Twice and have gotten a cute pink American Eagle dress for completely free! I have $76 saved up from referrals for when I find something I absolutely LOVE!

  3. I’d like to get the grey Billabong tank top – only $9.95! They have a huge selection of Under-$10 clothes in my size, thanks for the information!

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