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Disclaimer: I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for OshKosh B’gosh. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip and to thank me for participating.


This past weekend, we headed to our local Oshkosh store to pick out a couple of holiday outfits, because Oshkosh has some great deals at the moment. Not only does Oshkosh have 50 percent off holiday wear, but you also get a $10 coupon, if you spend more than $50, and there is an awesome 25 percent off a purchase of $30+ Oshkosh coupon out.

25 Percent Off oshkosh coupon

You can get your awesome $25 percent off $30+ Oshkosh coupon here.

This coupon expires 12/31/2013, and it can be used at your local Oshkosh store or online.

We love Oshkosh clothing, because of the great quality, but it is at the high end of our clothing budget, so I am always excited, when I find a good Oshkosh coupon. I will admit that the frugal shopper in me hesitated a little, when I first discovered that the dress I had my eye on for Bellamy Blue was $17 after 50 percent off. However, the fantastic 25 percent off coupon made huge difference, and at $12.75, I found it more than reasonable for a beautiful high-quality holiday dress that she can wear on other occasions as well.

OshKosh holiday outfits

The Oshkosh white long-sleeve woven shirt was the perfect find for seven-year-old Sawyer, who is big on dressing up, and at $11.25 after sale and coupon, it was within our budget. The quality of the shirt is great, it is a thick woven 100 percent cotton shirt, which will be sure to last for a long time. One of the reasons, why we love Oshkosh clothing is, because Oshkosh clothing will make it through all three boys and still look great. In a big family, being able to have clothing that can be handed down to younger siblings is especially important, and we are strong believers that frugality and quality go hand-in-hand for this very reason.

Oshkosh boys holiday oufit

Not only did we find a pair of dark blue corduroy pants that fit perfectly with the white woven cotton shirt, but we also found a pair of jeans that are a great match as well. Our acrobat wanted to demonstrate that this outfit would work both for party and play.

holiday outfit


Our middle son recently became very fascinated with ties, and so I was hoping to find him a tie for the holidays. They did not have any at the store, but a helpful Oshkosh employee went to search the storage room for some bowties.

kids bowtie

My son picked out a striped bowtie, which fit perfectly with his new holiday outfit. When picking out his holiday outfit, I wanted to find something special that he could wear for the holidays, but I also wanted him to be able to use it for school, and Oshkosh had just what we needed.


When it came to Bellamy Blue’s holiday outfit, I also wanted to find something that could be perfect for the holidays without being too “holidayish”, and I needed to find something that would look good for a family photo, even if her three brothers were dressed in white and blue. This year’s Oshkosh holiday collection has everything that we were looking for, and I appreciate how the pieces can be used for special occasions or everyday wear depending on how you dress them up or down.


Oshkosh holiday dress


The dark navy blue Oshkosh holiday dress with white dots and a silver embellishment on the collar was perfect, and she got a pair of plain blue leggings to wear for casual use, as well as a pair of glittery navy blue leggings for special occasions.

Oshkosh navy blue with white dots holiday dress

The outfit is as girly as can be without being too girly for a holiday photo filled with brothers. The cute Oshkosh holiday dress also come in red, but amazingly  all three of her big brothers agreed that the blue dress was perfect for her.

The big splurge of the day was a shark rash guard for our seven-year-old son. He is so severely fascinated by sharks that he already has his future as a shark scientist planned out. He has been using his current shark rash guard for three years, and since he goes swimming at least once a week, it is almost completely worn out. So, when I spotted the rash guard with a shark on it at Oshkosh, I knew that it would be the perfect Christmas gift for him.

OshKosh coupon deals



Holiday Shopping:

Oshkosh bowtie at $9 – 25 percent of coupon = $6.75 (Original price $12)

Oshkosh white long-sleeve woven shirt on sale at $15 – 25 percent of coupon = $11.25 (Original price $30)

Oshkosh navy corduroy pants on sale at $13.60 – 25 percent of coupon = $10.20 (Original price $34)

Oshkosh jeans at $9.99 – 25 percent of coupon = $7.50 (Original price $38)

Oshkosh baby girl holiday dress navy with white polka dots with silver embellishments on sale at $17 – 25 percent of coupon = $12.75 (Original price $34)

Oshkosh Girls navy leggings with sparkle on sale at $9 – 25 percent of coupon = $6.75 (Original price $18)

Oshkosh Girls navy leggings on sale at $8 – 25 percent of coupon = $6 (Original price $16)

Oshkosh Girls pink leggings on sale at $8 – 25 percent of coupon = $6 (Original price $16)

Oshkosh Shark Rashguard on sale at $25 – 25 percent of coupon = $18 (Original price $32)

Oshkosh pink leggings with sparkle on sale at $3.99 – 25 percent of coupon = $2.99 (Original price $18)

Oshkosh green leggings on sale at $3.99 – 25 percent of coupon = $2.99 (Original price $16)


Tax $5.48

Total out of pocket $96.66

Total saved $183.13

Received a $10/$10 Oshkosh coupon for spending more than $50



Buy It

You can buy all of the above Oshkosh holiday clothing online at the Oshkosh website and in store, and don’t forget to bring along this fantastic 25 percent off $30 or more Oshkosh coupon.



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  1. This is an exceptional deal (even at the lowest worn thrift store prices you would have paid $50 for that given that you also got $10 back for next time I would say you made out with a real steal of deal. You have to look at it from both ends. Osh Kosh holds it value and when the kids are done with them you can do the resale.

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