Nov 012013

This morning I had to bring our two youngest sons to the doctor, as we had quite a night last night. One has a throat infection and the other has sinusitis and a throat infection.

While we were waiting for the antibiotics to be filled, we headed next door to check out the Children’s Place clearance, as we had a 30 percent off Children’s Place coupon from our email. The clearance was almost non-existent, but I did spot 25 percent off the kids ties. My seven-year-old has been asking for a tie to wear with his school uniform, which I at first thought was a bit of an odd request. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to get him one for Christmas. When I spotted the ties today, I figured that it would probably be better to let him pick out his favorite one instead.

Two seconds after we left the store with a tie for my seven-year-old son, my four-year-old son said that he wanted a tie as well. So, we headed back inside for a second tie.  The two of them looked like they’d just walked out from a kids clothing commercial, and the ties were a perfect match with their plaid shirts.


kids ties


Children’s Place Deals:

2 x Children’s Place Ties on sale at $4.77 each = $9.54

– 30 percent off Children’s Place Coupon

Tax $0.40

Total out of pocket $7.08 ($3.54 each)

Total saved $8.82


Do your boys ever wear ties?

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