Nov 062013

ALDI veggies

Today we did our bi-weekly run to ALDI, and while we love ALDI, we are still hoping that they will soon build an ALDI closer to us. We go through a lot of fruit and vegetables every week, and without ALDI, we would definitely have to add at least $20 to our grocery budget each week.

Our freezer is still filled with great high-quality Zaycon chicken breast from our recent Zaycon meat pick up, but there was room in the freezer for a few other things than just chicken breast, so I picked up a few things at ALDI for the boys in the family. Bellamy Blue is still on my vegetarian diet, and my husband is not protesting as he has been with all of the boys. Will she eat meat eventually? Probably, but I am in no hurry to introduce meat into her vegetarian diet – it feels so nice to have a second vegetarian in the family.

I was thrilled to find the large butternut squash back at only $1.49 a piece….and not per pound, which it is at many other stores. We also bought xx lbs of bananas, as these are great now that I am starting to work out again.

As an extra bonus, ALDI had a freezer full of $0.79 deals that had been marked down. Spinach rigatoni, mushroom rigatoni, waffle fries, onion rings, waffles, and a bunch of the frozen meals. Wow, what a steal. I picked up lots of rigatoni, plus a few bags of onion rings waffle fries.


ALDI Grocery Deals:

All purpose flour $1.49

Halloween frosting on ALDI clearance at $0.49

2 x Instant oatmeal @ $1.49 each

Animal crackers $1.29

Millville crispy oats 14 oz $1.69

Black beans $0.59

Havarti cheese $2.99

Large eggs $1.29

Hot dog buns $0.89

3 ct Paper towels $1.89

1 gallon skim milk $2.99

1/2 gallon lactose free milk $2.79

3.25 lbs of Chicken thighs @ $1.99/lb $3.87

2.89 lbs of Chicken drumsticks $3.44

1.35 lbs of Carne Picada at $2.99/lb $4.04

4 x 24 oz of Priano Mushroom and Spinach Rigatoni on ALDI clearance sale @ $0.79 each

2 x ALDI onion rings on ALDI clearance sale @ $0.79 each

2 x ALDI waffle fries on ALDI clearance sale @ $0.79 each

10 lbs of Russet potaotes $3.29

8.37 lbs of bananas @ $0.44/lb = $3.68

2 x 3 pack of broccoli crowns @ $1.79 each

2 lbs red grapes $1.78

Butternut Squash $1.49

2 x Plantains @ $0.25 each

Cucumber $0.59

1 lb mini sweet peppers $2.49

Iceberg lettuce $1.29

3 pack of tomatoes $1.49


Total $62.72

Total saved 40.96 (compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores)


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