Nov 212013

The Frugality Is Free family is thrilled to be hosting our third holiday party with lots of great holiday goodies from ALDI. Today was shopping day, and I had carefully planned out a very detailed shopping list with holiday party food. Since we do most of our party shopping at ALDI due to the low prices, I almost know the prices by heart, which is a big help.

ALDI soda

One thing about holiday shopping at ALDI is that you need to be prepared to improvise, as the items in the ALDI holiday catalog come in limited supplies, and the store might just be out. I was hoping to pick up several bottles of Nature’s Nectar Sparkling Juice, some Chocoeur Chocolate Coins and mini eclairs, holiday items that always have success at our party, but our store was out. Instead, I decided to pick up two packages of the Belmont Petite Cheese Cake Samplers, and we picked up some Andes chocolate as well. One of the kids coming to our party is allergic to peanuts, and she has gluten allergy as well, so I was thrilled to see that the Andes chocolate was both peanut and gluten free.

ALDI holiday party food

  ALDI Holiday Party Shopping List:

2 x 24 Ct Water Bottles @ $2.49 each

3 x ALDI 12 pk sodas @ $2.29 each

2 x 6 Cracker Assortment @ $2.49

1 x Wheat Crackers 1.79

Entertainment crackers $1.49

Mama Cozzi’s Pepperoni $1.99

Cocktail sausages $2.49

2 x Specialty Salami @ $2.99

Little Salad Bar Hummus $1.99

2 x Happy Farms Cubed Cheese @ $1.99

2 x Happy Farms Cheese Wedges @ $1.29

Specialty Havarti Cheese $2.99

Baker’s Corner Coconut Flakes $1.29

2 x Baker’s Corner Cake Mix @ 0.99

2 x Baker’s Corner Icing red and green @ $1.29

2 x Belmont Petite Cheese Cake Sampler 12 oz @ $5.99

Cocoa Dusted Truffles $2.49

3 x Chocoeur Solid Chocolates @ $1.99

Smarties $1.39

Mini cookies $2.89

2 x Andes Crème De Menthe Thins @ $1.49

Multi colored sweet peppers $2.49

Cucumber $0.59

Zima Tomatoes $2.19

Red Grapes $2.89

Pineapple $1.29 sale

Tangerines $2.29

Blueberries $2.29

Raspberries $1.69

Boulder Plastic Cutlery $2.99

Paper Plates 45 ct @ $1.49 each

1 x 250 ct napkins $1.29

Apple Sauce $1.39

Sour Cream $1.29

Tax $1.67

Total $103.79

Total saved $31 (compared to the prices at our lowest competitor)

– 4 x $25 ALDI Gift Certificates


Total of pocket $3.79



Disclaimer: ALDI provided the Frugality Is Free family with gift certificate to host a summer party

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  1. […] Out of the 15 grown ups with children, we had 8 moms show up with 15 kids plus our own four kids. Thanks to ALDI , there were plenty of food, drinks and special treats for everyone, and we even included tableware in our $100 party budget. […]

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