Nov 082013

Oh my what a night! I spent the night in the ER with our eight-month-old daughter, after she was experiencing small seizures all night long. It was scary, very scary, but thankfully it seems that she is alright now, and we sure hope it stays that way. As for now she has a diagnose of a mild form of benign epilepsy, which may or may nor reoccur. Of course, we hope that this was an isolated incident, and hopefully a neurology appointment will be able to shed some more light on everything. I am just thankful that she seems to be alright, and that she does not seem to be affected by the seizures.

Of course, this morning’s usual Publix shopping got postponed. Our freezer is still filled with Zaycon meat from a few weeks ago, and luckily we made an ALDI stop earlier in the week, so we have all the basics that we need. Last weekend, the boys and I went mall shopping, and so it actually does seem like we did a lot of shopping this week…yet we stayed under budget again.


How did you do this week?


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