My Twice Review – Brand Name Clothing – Get $10 To shop For

I first signed up for Twice, after I read a Twice review from an online friend, and since then I have made a couple of individual orders at the online consignment store Twice. I have always been happy with the purchases so, when Twice put out a 30 percent off Twice coupon, I decided to use my Twice credit to get order a handful of fabulous pieces from great brand names such as New York & Co, Tommy Hilfiger and Talbots.

These high-quality name brands are usually way out of my reach, unless I am able to find them at a good price second hand. I prefer wearing skirts, on rare occasions medium length shorts or capris, so this is what I was looking for. For the past couple of years, I’ve been trying to update my 20s wardrobe to fit more with my age, as I will admit some of the skirts from my early twenties are too short for me now that I’m in my 30s. I was hoping to find a few classic pieces that would work for daily use as well as for school meetings, doctor appointments and such, and that’s just what I did.

I made the order two days ago, and today I received a box with my new gently used clothing. I love everything that I received, and the quality is in top – in fact, if I did not know it, I would not be able to tell that the clothing had been used.

I think my favorite might be the Tommy Hilfiger skirt, but the baby blue Calvin Klein blouse and the Talbots skirt come in on a close shared second place. The black shirts are great to wear with jeans skirts and capris, and I love the versatility of a great black top.



 Twice order



Order Summary
                                                1.                                                      New York & CompanySimple Black Shorts                                                 $9.95 (new price $30.39)
                                                2.                                                       Gap Black T-Shirt                                                 $9.95 (new price $27)
                                                3.                                                     Tommy Hilfiger Blue Print Skirt                                                 $11.95 (new price $53.49)
                                                4.                                                     Calvin Klein Jeans Blue Short Sleeve Blouse                                                 $13.95 (new price $38.99)
                                                5.                                                     Banana Republic Outlet Black Short Sleeve T-Shirt                                                 $10.95 ($31.97)
                                                6.                                                     Talbots Tan Solid Skirt                                                 $14.95 ($78.98)
                                    Subtotal:                                     $71.70
                                    Shipping:                                     Free!
                                    Coupon YPHETIELJL3T:                                     – $21.51
                                    My Credit:                                     – $34.68
                                    Order Total:                                     $15.51


I love shopping for the kids, because I can find some great deals on great clothing.  With four kids in the family, frugal shopping is a must. For myself, I usually only shop at our local thrift store, as our clothing budget is very limited. This is why I am thrilled to have found Twice, because although the prices are higher than at our local thrift store, Twice credit and Twice coupons get the prices down to a very reasonable level.

If I had bought the clothing new, I would have paid more than $250 for the clothing, and even at Twice regular prices I would have paid $71, or $50 after the Twice coupon. The frugal shopper in me still thinks it is ridiculous to pay $50 for 6 pieces of used clothing. What do you think?

After the Twice coupon, the Twice credit and the free shipping, I ended up paying $15.51 or $2.59 a piece, which is cheaper than at our local thrift store, and the brands plus quality are much better at Twice.

If you want to give Twice a try, you can sign up to receive a $10 Twice bonus here. I’ll get $10 to shop for as well, if you decide to make a purchase. After signing up for the $10 Twice bonus, make sure to like Twice on Facebook to get a 15 percent off coupon. You can also sign up and get your $10 bonus – which will stay in your account. Then watch out for emails with great Twice coupons, and hold out for another 30 percent off Twice coupon. This way you might even be able to shop for free.

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  1. I am always up for some second hand deals. Looks like you got some awesome deals!

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