Nov 232013

 Thanksgiving grocery deals

We had a fantastic holiday party yesterday, and so I am way behind on everything…including shopping. With the $10 off $50 Target grocery coupons (from this week’s ad) today, I knew I had to head to Target today, so that the coupon could pay for our Thanksgiving ham.

Of course, shopping on a Saturday meant shopping with all four kids. Oh boy…what can I say…well, just try to imagine. Now, shopping with four kids definitely creates a bit of a challenge, but today it actually came in handy as well. Since, I had my oldest son with me, I actually ended up using 2 of the $10 coupons, as he paid for one of the transactions. It was a great learning experience for him, and a great saving experience for him.

Before grocery shopping, we went to get the two oldest boys hair cuts, because we had a $10 Supercut coupon, and we have a Supercut right around the corner. We were once again able to use  two $1o coupons, because my oldest son paid for himself. We turned it into a whole lesson about tips, and my son just gained a little bit of independence today.


We split the transactions into two because of the Target coupons, but I’m just going to list everything together. I used a bunch of free coupons plus some great coupons for cheap spices to get the before coupon total up.


Publix Thanksgiving Grocery Savings:

Green Beans, $0.99/lb = $1.22

2 lb carrots $1.89

1.66 lbs of bananas $0.69/lb = $1.15

4 lbs oranges $2.99 – $1/$7 worth of produce and fruit Target coupon from Catalina printer = $1.99

6 x McCormick Gourmet Herbs and Spices at varying prices $24.04 – (6 x $1.50 McCormick Gourmet Herbs and Spices Publix Coupons from Green Adv. Ad and 6 x $2 McCormick coupons SS 10/27?) =$3.04 ($0.50 each)

2 x Silk Soymilk on sale at 2/$5 = (2 x -$1/1 Silk coupons) = $3 ($1.50 each)

2 x Duncan Hines Decadent Cake Mix on BOGO sale at 2 for $2.79 – -$1/1 Duncan Hines® Decadent Cake Mix, any variety All the Trimmings Publix Coupon or PRINT) = $0.79 ($0.40 each) (also -$0.50 ibotta offer)

Edward’s Pies $4 (after 50% off) – (-$1/1 Edwards Pie coupon (Zip Code 84123) and-$0.55/1 EDWARDS® whole pie (23 oz. or larger) All the Trimmings Publix Coupon or PRINT) = $2.45

Nature’s Own Butterbread, on BOGO sale at for $$3.49 – Free coupon Nature’s Own coupon from giveaway win = FREE (Also $0.55/1 Nature’s Own Bread coupon (Zip 64055))

4 x Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread, 8 oz tub on sale at 2/$3 – ($1/4 Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 8 oz (Excluding Cooking   Creme & Snacking Delights) “Happy Thanksgiving” Grocery Advantage Buy Flyer In-Ad Publix Coupon and 2 x $1/2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread coupons from blinkie)= $3 ($0.75 each) (Also –$0.50 Philadelphia Cream Cheese ibotta offer)

2 x Duracell Coppertop AA/AAA 10ct $5.99 (after $2 off)  and Duracell Coppertop C/D 4ct or 9V 2ct, $5.19= $11.18 – 2 x  -$1.50/1 Duracell® CopperTop AA or AAA (10 ct.), C or D (4 ct.), 9V (2 ct.), or Quantum AA or AAA (8 ct.) Batteries All the Trimmings Publix coupon or PRINT and  -$3/2 Duracell CopperTop (AA/AAA 8-Pack Or Larger, C/D 4-Pack Or Larger Or 9V 2-Pack), Quantum (AA/AAA 6-Pack) coupon RP 11/24) = $5.18 ($2.59 each)

1 Gallon Publix Lemonade @ 2.99

2 x Gallon Publix orange juice @ $3.99

Ground Chuck $3.25 – $2 off Beef Winn Dixie baby club coupon) = $1.25

Semi-Boneless Ham $11.15 – ( $1 off Pork Winn Dixie baby club coupon) =$10.15

Chicken Thighs on sale at $2.92 – $1 off Chicken Winn Dixie baby club coupon) = $1.92

2 x GoGurts @ $2.39 each = $4.78 – (2 x FREE GoGurt coupons from blogging promo) = FREE

2 x Libete Yogurts on sale at $1 each = $2 – (2 x FREE Liberte coupons from blogging promo) = FREE

4 x Yoplait Yogurts at $0.75 each = $3 – (4 x FREE Yoplait coupons from blogging promo) = FREE


Tax $0.79

Total $30.45

Total saved $107.49

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