Nov 292013

Did you do any Black Friday shopping today? My husband took the boys for a movie at the drive in theater last night, and the two oldest boys came home with some sort of stomach bug.  I had no plans of doing any black Friday shopping, but I will admit that I just had to get out of the house this morning. While my husband cleaned up their sheets and aired out the place, I took the two little ones and we walked to Kmart down the street.

I am not a Kmart fan, but  I was hoping to pick up some more cheap Hot Wheels. Of course, when we got there Kmart was closed. Apparently, they had sent out all of these Black Friday ads for nothing. The store would open up at 10 AM, but it is in close-8oiout mode, and it does not do BF. Oh well, I wasn’t too disappointed, because we walked across the street to our favorite thrift store, where I picked up books for the boys’ Christmas book boxes.


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