Mom Alert: Jane Strollers Now At Pish Posh Baby

Jane strollers can now be found in the US at Pish Posh Baby, and this is something to be excited about. This European brand has been around since 1932, and it makes trendy strollers created for mom and baby at moderate prices. The Jane strollers are especially great for city life, as they are compact and easy to fold, plus they come with everything mom and dad needs while on the go. I personally love European strollers, because while they might cost a little extra, they come with features that only a parent could have come up with.


Pish Posh Baby sells three of the Jane strollers:


The Jane Trider Extreme:

The Jane Trider Extreme

The Jane Trider Extreme features:

  • A Special Patented Fold
  • Anondized Aluminum Tubular Chassis
  • Patented Long Shock Absorbing Suspension
  • a Reversible Hammock
  • Exterior and Hood are water-repellent and internal fabric is breathable
  • Removable and washable upholstery
  • Adjustable backrest
  • LSS System(Long Stroke Shock absorber suspension)
  • Water-resistant
  • It is Anti-Uva / Uvb Upf 50+


The Jane Rider:

Jane Rider StrollerThe Jane Rider stroller is definitely designed for moms on the go, because the stroller seat is reversible. I have always loved the reversible stroller feature, and I usually have my little one facing me as infants, and around 10 months I start having them face the world so that they can get stimulated by their curiosity and surroundings.  Another great feature of the Jane Rider stroller is that the height of the toddler seat is perfect for having the stroller be used as a high chair, when you are out and about as it adapts to table level.


 The Jane Nanuq Stroller:


Jane Nanuq stroller

The Jane Nanuq stroller is a compact stroller, which folds up very small, and it weighs only 13.9 lbs. One very important feature of the Jane Nanuq stroller is that it can already be used from birth due to the five position back rest. I have often needed a compact stroller, when my kids were infants, but they could not use their umbrella stroller due to the upright position. This is why I am excited about the Jane Nanuq, because it is suitable for small babies, which is especially important if you are doing any traveling with your little new precious one.

As a mom of four, I have learned that a good stroller is an investment worthwhile, and I’m excited to see that Jane strollers are now at Pish Posh Baby.


The Jane strollers are great for city life, as these luxury strollers are compact, easy to fold and created for parents on the go. You can learn more about the Jane strollers at Jane USA, and you can now buy Jane Strollers at Pish Posh Baby.





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