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While Christmas is a supposed to be a joyous time full of laughter, family time and compassion, it can also be a very stressful time for many families, as they struggle to fill Christmas stockings, give the kids gifts from their wish lists, and put an affordable Christmas dinner on the table.

Here in the Frugality Is Free family we are on a tight budget, which is why we try to get creative, when making a great-tasting Christmas dinner on a budget. The main ingredient in our frugal family’s Christmas dinner on a budget is ALDI.

Thanks to the low grocery prices at ALDI, it is quite possible to put together a delicious low-budget Christmas dinner for $25, and if you have a little room to splurge an extra $10 can make your holiday feast even better.

The key to saving big on your holiday favorites at ALDI is to make room in your menu for a little flexibility. Make a salad using ingredients from ALDI’s weekly produce deals, and check out their weekly meat deals as well. This week our local ALDI has spinach, avocado and grape tomatoes on sale, all of which are great ingredients for a gourmet salad, and adding citrus (which was on sale last week) to a salad, always gives an extra dimension to the meal as well.



One of the ways that ALDI really help stretch the dollar for any holiday feast is by selling 10 lbs of potatoes for very as little as $1.89, and rarely does the 10 lb bag cost more than $4. We picked up a bag of 10 lbs of potatoes for $2.99 this week, as it was not on sale, and it helped create three different dishes for our holiday dinner. A simple mashed potato, which is always a hit with the kids. The more sophisticated hasselback potatoes, which are basically oven roasted whole potatoes sliced half way through. Finally, we also added latkes (potato pancakes) to our  menu just to add a little extra.

A $25 Christmas dinner menu:

Oven baked ham with cranberry sauce

Hasselback potatoes, Mashed potatoes & Latkes

Fresh baked biscuits

Salad with spring lettuce and grape tomatoes


Cheese Cake


A $25 Christmas dinner shopping list:

Ham $10.70

10 lbs Russet Potatoes $2.99

Graham pie crust $1.19

No bake cheese cake $1.59

Winking Owl Wine $2.89

Whole Cranberry Sauce $0.89

Jumbo Flaky Biscuit $1.19

Baby Lettuce $2.19

Grape Tomatoes $1.59

Total $19.85


From the pantry and fridge: eggs, 1/2 onion, barbecue sauce, milk for cheese cake, shaved chocolate for decoration


Now, spend $10 extra for a $35 menu to include a second dessert and a little extra.

Benton’s French Vanilla ice cream $2.89

Peaches in light syrup $0.89

Croutons $0.89

12 Pack Soda $2.29

Corn Muffin Mix $0.52

Pineapple Rings $0.89

Tangerines $1.29


Total $35.25


Our $35 Christmas dinner menu:

Oven-baked honey-barbecue glazed ham with pineapple

Hasselback potatoes

Buttery mashed potatoes

Crispy latkes

Cranberry sauce

Fresh baked biscuits

Fresh baked corn bread

Salad with spring lettuce, grape tomatoes, tangerines and croutons


Cheese Cake

Vanilla ice cream with peaches


Citrus Twist Soda

Winking Owl Pinot Grigio

 This is our $35 Christmas Dinner on A Budget

Christmas dinner



cheese cake


The perfect holiday dessert is Baker’s Corner No Bake Cheese cake with shaved chocolate and Benton’s French vanilla ice cream with peaches. Benton’s French Vanilla ice cream is the kind of  vanilla ice cream that tastes like childhood memories, which makes it a great addition to any holiday menu.


ALDI vanilla ice cream and peaches



Take a look at a few of our Christmas dinner favorites up close:


Hasselback Potatoes

hassleback potatoes

Hasselback potates: Simply slice the potatoes half way through, brush with a marinade of olive oil and your favorite herbs and spices. Roast in oven for about 1 hour at 350, turning the potatoes upside down half way through for extra crunchiness.



Potato Latkes

potato latkes

 Potato latkes are easy to make. Simply grate a couple of potatoes and 1/4 onion. Then add an egg, two tablespoons of flour and a notch of salt. Add to a pan with oil, and turn once the bottom side is brown. Dab with paper towel to remove excess oil.

Bake House Jumbo Flaky Biscuits

Bake House Jumbo Flaky Biscuits

Bake House Jumbo Flaky Biscuits are less than half the price of the national brand, and they taste just as great, if not better.

Spring Salad

Christmas dinner salad

Making a good Christmas dinner salad is easy and affordable with ALDI’s weekly produce deals. Croutons are only for special occasions at our house, and the kids love the Tuscan Garden Italian Seasoned Croutons from ALDI – and I love the price of only $0.89. We add citrus to holiday salads for an extra special kick of freshness.

Honey Barbecue Pineapple Ham

honey pineapple ham

Warm in oven at 325-350 degrees F for about 20 minutes per lb. Glaze in barbecue sauce and pineapple sauce plus attach pineapples with toothpicks.

Thanks to ALDI’s everyday low prices, weekly produce deals and great prices on gourmet products such as wine, cheese and chocolates, the Frugality Is Free family does not have to splurge to serve a great-tasting gourmet Christmas dinner. We even have plenty of leftovers and food to share with family and friends.

About ALDI


From seasonal must-haves like holiday gifts and baking essentials to main course meals, serving dishes and award-winning wines ALDI offers shoppers a simply smarter shopping experience – saving them up to 50 percent* on more than 1,400 of the most commonly purchased grocery items.


ALDI will carries an additional line-up of 100 winter seasonal items and holiday necessities, which complement their everyday low prices on grocery items. ALDI has put together a Holiday Seasonal catalog featuring special limited-time items at incredibly low prices, including recipes from the ALDI Test Kitchen and entertaining tips from Janice Stahl, food stylist and loyal ALDI shopper. The ALDI Holiday catalog is available online at November 6 through December 25, along with a holiday recipe book.


To stay up to date with the latest news on ALDI exclusive brands, seasonal items and recipes, follow ALDI on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and get great savings tips on their new Simply Smarter Living Blog.



Disclaimer: ALDI provided the Frugality Is Free family with a gift certificate to sample some of their products and to facilitate a review.  Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with ALDI and their products.


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  1. I was just telling my husband last night about how much you can get for so little out of pocket at Aldi. I was also telling him about your Aldi Christmas parties. You did a great job again…healthy, festive meal for little out of pocket!

  2. We LOVE Aldis. And it is funny how much better their food tastes as well!

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