CVS Egg Sale $1.29 For A Dozen

CVS Eggs

It had been two weeks, since we last made it to ALDI, which meant that we were out of eggs. However, I had no room in the budget to pay $2.19 for a dozen of eggs, so I decided not to get any at Publix. However, I ran into CVS with a prescription and discovered a CVS egg sale. $1.29 for a dozen of eggs …that’s ALDI prices. So, yes I ended up buying eggs at CVS this week, and I picked up two boxes of honey nut peanut butter cheerios as well.

Now, this little trip reminded me that CVS does have a good deal once in a while, but it also reminded me that I had almost given up on CVS due to lack of deals, rude customer service and poor coupon policies.  Was it enough to get me excited about shopping at CVS again. No.

How about you, are you as excited about CVS shopping as you used to be?



CVS Deals:

2 x dozen eggs on sale at $1.29 each

2 x Peanut Butter Cheerios on sale at $2.22 each = $4.44 – (2 x $0.75 Peanut Butter Cheerios coupons) = $2.94 ($1.47 each)

Total out of pocket $5.52

Total saved $7.04


How much do you pay for eggs?

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