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Now that our frugal family has expanded to a family of six, creativity is more important than ever, when it comes to dressing the kids. It is no secret that I love to dress up the kids – especially our little girl, but our very limited clothing budget does not have much room for any fancy clothes. This is why I love our favorite online consignment store, because there I can get name brand clothing for the boys, beautiful boutique style dresses for our little girl, and if I need something for myself, I might even find a better price there than at our local thrift store (which is where I shop for myself, when I get to treat myself a little).


pink summer dress


It has been a while, since I last ordered a box of clothes from our family’s favorite online consignment store, but I I had about $13 dollars worth of credit for the women’s shop, which was about to expire, and I also had a $20 store credit that I could use, so I decided to skip the mall, save some money and get even more for our family’s limited clothing budget by shopping online. I decided on splurging on a new with tag P.S. Aeropostle basketball tank for our oldest son, which will be great for his 12th birthday. This put my total before discounts over $50, which gave us free shipping (and saved us about $14), so  it was a splurge that could be justified in more than one way.

ThredUp order December 1


I ended up paying $18 out of pocket for three tank tops and a skirt for myself (paid for with the women’s store credit), a new with tag P.S. Aeropostle basketball tank, a sleeveless onesie for our little girl (I’ve been searching high and low for one of these without success…as she needed one for under her dresses), a beautiful summer romper and seven gorgeous summer dresses. It came to $1.29 a piece – wow, not even our local thrift store can do that. With brands such as Hartstrings, OshKosh, Carter’s, The Children’s Place and more, we ended up saving about $300 off the new price for all of the above clothing.

Ps Aeropostle tank


Our little girl now wears size 12 – 18 months, but when I shop, I shop for clothing up to 4-5 sizes bigger than what she currently wears. For the boys I shop for up to 2-3 sizes bigger than what they currently wear, and it actually turns out perfectly. This means that I never, ever have to pay full price for anything, and they each have very organized clothing boxes full of clothes, whenever they grow out of a size…which they do quite frequently.

I try to buy mostly new clothing for our oldest son, as I know he has two younger brothers, who can use it later on. However, for our little girl, I try to buy secondhand only, when it comes to dresses. She really does not wear much else than dresses and rompers, although I buy tights, leggings and bike shorts for under her dresses on clearance at places such as Gymboree for as little as $2 a piece . I also try to win gift cards online, so that I can buy shoes, underwear, socks and such for all of the kids, and this really helps out a lot. I just cannot justify paying $10 for a dress on sale (or even $30 – $40) for a dress at full price, when $50 is about all we have allocated for each child per year.

So, instead I shop secondhand online and at our local thrift store, although I can get better quality, better selection, and quite often better prices at ThredUp than at our local Thrift store. I have bought lots of clothes at ThredUp, and only a few pieces have ever disappointed. When they did, ThredUp either automatically gave a store credit, or they did so after I contacted them about the piece of clothing. 99 percent of all the clothes that we have purchased at ThredUp has been in excellent condition, and the dresses are usually in like-new condition, plus we’ve often found great prices on new with tag clothing as well. Opening up a box of clothes from ThredUp is always exciting around here…

One big “secret” to ThredUp shopping is their new-with-tag section, and this is where I often find gifts for our oldest son. See the  left sidebar under CONDITION to find the new-with-tag section, and then make sure to click low-to high price in the top right of the page. Check out a few things I found for as little as $3.49. I even spotted a pair of Guess jeans size 12 for only $3.49!

new with tags thred up

How To Save Big At ThredUp:

  1. Sign up for your free $10 ThredUp bonus
  2. Choose the gender and sizes you want
  3. Choose prices low to high in the top right hand-side and start browsing.
  4. Check out the new-with-tag section (in the sidebar under “condition”), and check out the women’s and junior sections as well.
  5. Add everything you like to your cart to reserve the item – You can always remove it from your cart during your final sorting.
  6. Buy items such as jeans, jean shorts, dresses, skirts and jackets, which are hard to find at low prices even on clearance.
  7. Either buy a pair of name brand jeans or a coat for around $13, and only pay for shipping ($2.99). Or buy $50 worth of clothing, get free shipping, and only pay $40 after the ThredUp bonus. (That’s as little as $2.09 a piece)
  8. Use ThredUp coupon code HOLIDAY25 for 25 percent extra off on holiday items (Find the holiday selection from the front page)
  9. Everything ships in 3 – 7 business days.
  10. Invite your friends and get $10 to shop for, once they make their first ThredUp purchase.



How do you stretch your family’s clothing budget?

If you think ThredUp might be for you, you can get $10 to shop for, if you sign up through this ThredUp bonus link. If you sign up, you get $10 to shop for, and if you actually find something you like, we get $10 to shop for as well. It is a win win!

  22 Responses to “Brand Name Kids Clothes $1.29 (OshKosh, Carter’s, Guess, Gymboree, The Children’s Place, Gap & More)”

  1. I love to shop for clearance at year end and we get the coats, etc for the following year. We do that for all clothing items and you just can’t go wrong. Beats paying so much the following year and you can find awesome deals…as I have seen you do many times

  2. […] favorite consignment store, which was cheaper than making it myself – see how I get cheap or free girl’s dresses […]

  3. its nice that they have a bonus like that. I’ve heard good things about Tred Up and their clothes are extremely cute!

  4. We stretch our clothing budget by using hand-me-down clothes from siblings and cousins. Also, I try to buy clothes when they’re on clearance at the end of the season for the next year

  5. I’m sorry I could never have children, so this really does not appeal to me.

  6. i would buy stuff for my soon to be born son! we had given away all of our baby stuff and have two girls so we need boy stuff!

  7. I would buy long sleeve onesies. I can never get enough of those!
    Thank you!

  8. I would buy so many cute stuff for the baby! great tips!

  9. I stretch my clothing budget by handing down my older daughter’s clothes to my younger daughter, and I go to thrift stores and garage sales to look for good deals!

  10. I already use ThredUP and love it! I love how, unlike Twice, you are able to get children’s clothes- that’s what I’m most in need of!!

  11. I would buy new pjs

  12. I watch for sales and use online coupons to save on clothing when I shop both online and in the actual stores.

  13. i’d buy the sundress and skirts from childrens palace

  14. […] still use this 25 percent off Children’s Place coupon in store or you can find some fabulous deals on kids clothing here with your $10 […]

  15. Quite a nice selection on this site- I’d like to put free $10 towards a boys sweatshirt or size 8 play pants. My boys still love elastic waist pants and shorts. Easy for all of us.

  16. i would buy my kids summer stuff. things like shorts, skirts, tank tops and t-shirts. i always seem to get tons of winter stuff for the kids at christmas time but never seem to have much summer stuff.

  17. I would purchase some new pajamas.

  18. I would buy for my new granddaughter!

  19. Looks like there are some wonderful deals to be found. We are always looking for prices like this for our little one. Will be checking them out!

  20. their clothes are so cute

  21. I would get the Arizona Jean Company Distressed Jeans they are pretty cute and stylish and would be so cute with a bright colored sweater

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