Dec 202013

I recently won an Umi Shoes gift card in a blog giveaway, but I held on to it, as the clearance deals were not what I wanted. Today I received an email that new clearance had been added, and sure enough not only were there more styles to choose between, but the prices had been slashed even more. I am a huge fan of Umi shoes, but there is no way that I can justify paying $60 for a pair of kids shoes – especially not since I have four growing kids to put shoes on.

If I bought a pair of umi shoes at regular price, shipping would be free.  However, if I bought Umi shoes on clearance, I would have to pay an $8 shipping fee. $8 for two pair Umi shoes, that I could do. Since, I just won two pair of shoes for my youngest son this fall from Pediped, I decided on getting two pair of high quality school shoes for Bellamy Blue. Yes, I know, she is not even one yet, but this is what frugality is. Buying ahead, so that you will never have to pay full price.

I have a carefully organized list of all the shoes that I have for the kids, and then I can always see , which sizes we need when I find a good deal. Just this past week, my two youngest sons needed new shoes, and we opened up our shoe storage box.  In there we found a pair of new school shoes for both of them as well as a pair of sandals for my youngest son. Out of pocket cost now $0, total paid for the three pair of shoes when they were purchased $15!

Umi shoe clearance


Take a look at our Umi Deals:

Wendy shoes on clearance at $39.90 (Original price $55)

Jenna shoes on clearance at $29.99 (Original price $55)

– 15 Percent Off Umi Coupon Code  mby15

Total $59.33

Shipping $8

– $60 from Umi Gift Card Win

Total out of pocket $7.33

Total saved $110.67

Total cash back with Ebates $2.97


Do your kids wear Umi Shoes?


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