Dec 102013

 Walmart price matching on produce

I will admit although  I used to be very anti Walmart, and everything that Walmart stood for. In fact, Walmart did not get me in their stores, until after they began price matching. Price matching itself did not really do it though, it was the fact that I could price match on produce. See, we have a lot of great little stores in our area, but with only one car in the family, there is no way that I can be driving around to all of them.

Instead, I simply find the best deals, write them down and then price match at Walmart. Walmart is still a bit out of the way though (although it is coming closer very soon), and it is only once every month or two that I get to go.

Take a look at this week’s Walmart savings…


Walmart Price Matching on Produce:

5 x Cucumbers at $0.78 = $3.90 – (price matching with Doris at 5 for $1) = $1 ($0.20 each) (Saved $2.90)

0.36 lbs of of green beans at $1.98/lb = $0.71 – (price matching with Doris at $1.19/lb) = $0.43 (Saved $0.28)

2 x Iceberg salads at $1.38 each – $2.76 – (price matching with Doris at $0.59 each) = $1.18 ($0.59 each) (Saved $1.58)

1.83 lbs of tomatoes at $2.18/lbs = $3.99 – (price matching with Sedanos at $0.89/lb) = $1.63 ($0.41 each) (Saved $2.36)

4.5 lbs of bananas at $0.54/lbs = $2.43 – (price matching with Sedanos at $0.29/lb) = $1.31 (Saved $1.12)


Total out of pocket $5.55

Total saved by price matching at Walmart $8.43


Now, I know that Walmart is trying to compete with Publix down here in South Florida, but I personally do not think that Publix has anything to worry about. I love shopping at Publix. How about you?

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  1. Publix is great, they offer some great deals and on their BOGOS you can use coupons on both of the items which turns a great deal into a GREATER one!! The customer service is really attentive also. Have you tried Bravo markets yet? They have as good or better prices than Sedanos and will accept internet printed coupons.

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