Jan 162014

70 Percent Off Target Toy Clearance 2014

I was hoping that the 70 percent off Target Toy clearance sale would wait another week, as I had an appointment at the gym this morning. Of course, it did not! The 70 percent off Target toy clearance sale is here.

I am going to get a photo up and details off what I bought today, but I wanted to let all of you know that the sale is going on. At our store the selection wasn’t too great, and most of the things were still at the end caps, where the signs showed 50 percent off still. Some items such as LEGO and Barbie are still at 50 percent off, but these rarely make it to 70 percent off.

Our local Target store never really had a lot of Target toy clearance this year, so I am not surprised about the less-than-steallar selection. Of course, it didn’t help that I did not get there early this morning as I usually do. Thankfully I got everything we needed, and I am now done shopping for birthdays and Christmas for my niece and nephews plus there were some gifts for our own boys as well.


70 Percent Off Target Toy Clearance


Our 70 Percent Off target Toy Clearance Deals:

Matchbox 4 Pack Airplanes on Target toy clearance at $3.88 (Was $12.99)

Max Stell Turbo Battlers on Target toy clearance at $1.78 (Was $5.99)

3 x Fly Wheels on Target toy clearance at $1.48 (Was $4.99)

3 x Fly Wheels on Target toy clearance at $2.98 (Was $9.99)

Vtech Innotab Turtles Game on Target toy clearance at $6.44 (Was 21.49)

Vtech Innotab Turbo Game on Target toy clearance at $7.48 (Was $24.99)

Sonic Speederson Target toy clearance at $3.88 (Was $12.99)

Sofia the First Royal Tea Party on Target toy clearance at $3.88 (Was $12.99)

Disney Planes Prowash Junction Airport on Target toy clearance at $5.98 (Was $19.99)

Disney Cars Collossus XXL Car-Chomping Dump Truck on Target toy clearance at $4.48 (Was $14.99)


Tax $3.08

Total $51.18

– $25 Visa Gift Card from Blog Giveaway Win

Total out of pocket $29.26

Total saved $165.64


Did you find any great Target toy clearance deals? Who are you shopping for?


You can always find the latest updates on the Target toy clearance sale here at Frugality Is Free in the top navigation bar under CLEARANCE.

  4 Responses to “The 70 Percent Off Target Toy Clearance Sale 2014 – It’s Here! $175 Worth of Toys For $29!”

  1. Wow, thanks! I know where I’ll be heading after work! 🙂

    • I hope you find some great deals Beth, this is definitely the time to get a headstart on this year’s gift giving.

  2. omg this is awesome! thanks for the heads up! what a great deal you got!

  3. They didn’t have much at all left at my Target weekend before last. I didn’t even see anything that I wanted to go back for when it went down to seventy percentage off. But then again, Elliott doesn’t really play with toys much anymore, and neither do my nieces (they are both older than Elliott), so I don’t need many toys these days anyway. We are mainly just planning on buying things that we will donate various places for Christmas.

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