Jan 042014


After our 90 percent off Target Christmas clearance trip, we headed to ALDI to pick up fresh produce, dairy and meat. With the kids going back to school on Monday, plus a busy upcoming week with lots of doctor’s appointment, today was the only chance we had to stock up on fresh fruit and veggies.

I was excited to be spotting ALDI Christmas clearance, although most of the prices were a lot higher than they were at Target. Still, I was thrilled to find the holiday sprinkles on clearance again this year, because these are always great to have on hand. Our middle son’s favorite color is red, so I always have him in mind, when I am shopping the Christmas clearance.
Another great find were ALDI meat coupons as high as $2 off beef. We ended up spending $20 on meat, but we surely got meat to last us a while, and the kids are thrilled to be able to eat something other than chicken.


ALDI Christmas Clearance and Meat Deals:

1.27 lbs of Boneless Country Style Chuck Beef Ribs $4.94 – $2 ALDI Meat Coupon on package = $2.94

1.29 lbs of Stew Beef $5.53- $2 ALDI Meat Coupon on package = $3.53

1.30 lbs of Stew Beef $5.58- $2 ALDI Meat Coupon on package = $3.58

0.70 lbs of Beef Eye of Round Steak $3.14 – $2 ALDI Meat Coupon on package = $1.14

0.99 lbs of Cubed Beef Steak $4.35 – $1 ALDI Meat Coupon on package = $3.35

2.89 lbs of Chicken Breast Tenderloins $3.73

2.80 lbs of Chicken Drumsticks $3.33

4 x 6 in 1 Holiday Sprinkles on ALDI Christmas clearance at $0.59 each

10 lbs of Russet Potatoes $3.19

4.95 lbs of Bananas $2.18

Mushrooms $1.29

3 x Cucumbers @ $0.29 each

2 x Grapefruit @ $0.29 each

3 x Avocados @ $0.55 each

Iceberg Lettuce $1.20

2 x Tortilla chips $1.19

Honey nut Oats $1.69

Instant Oatmeal $1.49

All Purpose Flour $1.59

1 Gallon of Skim Milk $2.99

Large Eggs $1.69


Total out of pocket $46.43

Total saved $38 (Compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores)



  9 Responses to “ALDI Christmas Clearance & $2 ALDI Meat Coupons”

  1. love aldi prices! especially their clearance. thanks for letting me know about these deals! just wish one was closer

    • Alicia, I wish ours was closer as well…which is why I sent ALDI a request for one in our city. You should do the same. About a year or two before ALDI came to South Florida, I actually did send them an email asking for ALDI down here….maybe it brought me some luck, because about a year later they announced the plans of 5 South Florida stores, and they have been expanding down here ever since.

  2. always love to read about your deals! where did you get the aldi meat coupon i would love to know!

  3. I want one near me, I can see why my daughter oves this place so much

  4. Wow, I wish they had the coupons on stew beef at my Aldi! Looked for them, but no go this time!

  5. Im looking for the storage containers there was 3 sizes clear box nesting containers .twith a green leaf or some art design. are these available at any store.they were about 11.00$

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