Jan 192014

ALDI produce

We were out of eggs, and both the produce drawer and the fruit bowl were beginning to look a bit too empty, so an ALDI visit was needed today.


ALDI groceries

ALDI Stock Up Deals:

5.14 lbs of bananas $2.25

Blackberries $1.49

Granny Smith Apples $2.00

2 lbs of carrots $0.69

Cucumber $0.49

2 Plantains @ $0.25

Broccoli $1.60

1 lbs mini sweet peppers $2.59

Mushrooms $0.69

Roma Tomatoes $1.69

10 lbs of russet Potatoes $3.19

5 lbs of red potatoes $1.29

1/2 Gallon Lactose Free Milk $2.79

1 Gallon Fat Free Milk $2.99

Duplex Creme Cookies $1.35

Restaurant Tortilla Chipes $0.99

Vegetable oil $2.39

Bread Croutons $0.89

2 x Holiday Morsels on ALDI clearance at $0.45 each

Baking Mix $2.18

Animal Crackers $1.29

Fig Bars $0.89

Chicken Thighs $4.63

Chicken Drumsticks $3.26


Total out of pocket $55.52

Total saved $25

(Compared to the lowest prices at our other grocery stores)

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  1. I love that they have awesome prices on the veggies this helps my family a lot and love that they have organic products too!

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