Jan 202014

Cheerios Family Breakfast Project

The  Family Breakfast Project, Cheerios encourages families to take seven minutes for seven days to have family breakfast and explore the possibilities that brings. At the Family Breakfast Project you can find recipes, coupons, view the 7-day family breakfast program and guide as well as get ideas for how you can spend your extra 7 minutes a day with your family.




Our two oldest kids do not eat breakfast at home during the week,  but the Family Breakfast Project reminded us to take the time out on the weekends to eat breakfast together.



Since our weekday mornings are often quite busy, with the older kids out of the door before 7 a.m., we also decided to adapt our family breakfast project a bit by spending a little extra time preparing dinner with breakfast in the evening. Check out our cool crushed cheerio crusted chicken legs, they sure were a hit wit the kids.



cheerios crusted chicken

Of course, our little Bellamy Blue thinks Cheerios are good for a “breakfast” snack at any time of the day.


Learn More

You can learn more about the Family Breakfast Project at cheerios.com/family-breakfast-project



Disclaimer: Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

  4 Responses to “Get Fun Ideas From The Cheerios Family Breakfast Project”

  1. those crushed cheerio crusted chicken legs sure look good! my kids enjoy this cereal alot !

  2. We very rarely eat breakfast as a family. My husband is at work before Elliott gets up for school. I’m not usually ready to eat breakfast until I’ve been up for at least 2 hours, which usually happens after Elliott is already on the bus, so usually everyone eats breakfast by themselves. Sometimes Elliott even eats his on the go, or while we are waiting in the van for the bus at his stop.

  3. This is such a fantastic idea. Even though my husband leaves for work before anyone else is even out of bed, we always try to have a family breakfast on the weekends. We’ve been trying to eat dinner together as a family too… it’s hard with how busy families are nowadays!

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