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Earn Money Online

Over the years, there have been many places where you could earn money online, but most of them eventually closed down. We loved them, while they were there, but some seemed too good to be true from the beginning.

Still, four of our favorite places to earn money online still exist after many years, and these places seem to have a good foundation, which is why I recommend these sites to all of my readers and friends.

As a family of six, we often have to be creative in making ever penny stretch as far as possible, and our favorite places to earn money online help out our family a lot. Our blog is by far our biggest online money earner, which is why I always recommend starting your own blog, if you have the time to do it.. We also try to win gifts and gift cards, as a way to add to our family budget.  However, there are many other opportunities out there, where you can help stretch your family’s budget. Take a look at our favorites below.


Swagbucks: (Member since 2008)

You earn points (called Swagbucks) for searching online, watching videos, taking polls, surveys, and doing quick tasks. We usually earn $10 – #15 a month, and it is a great way to save up for Christmas.  You can sign up for Swagbucks here

Learn more about Swagbucks here.


Instant Cash Sweepstakes: (Member since 2010)

Here, you earmoney for doing quick surveys, which are more like polls. It is quick and easy to do, and while you only earn a few cents here and there, i sure adds up. We earn about $10 – $15 at Instant Cash Sweepstakes every month. Consistency is the key. You can sign up at Instant Cash Sweepstakes here.

Read our Instant Cash Sweepstakes review here.


Ebates: (Member since 2010)

Eabtes is not really an online earning sites, but it is a place to earn money back on all of your online purchases – and why not get money back for things that you are buying anyway? We do not earn much at Ebates every month, since we do not spend much online, but it is nice to get a little Amazon payment once in a while as an extra discount for any purchases we make online. We especially love Ebates, because we get money back on purchases made with gift cards (that we win in giveaways).

Ebates has become a habit, because now we always start at Ebates, whenever we are looking to make an online purchase. 2 – 8 percent cash back may not sound like a lot, but in some cases it is enough to pay for the shipping cost.

You can sign up at Ebates here

You can learn more about Ebates here.



Mypoints is another one of our favorites, which has been around for a while. Here you can also earn money back on online purchases (although we prefer Ebates for this), but you can also get points for clicking through emails,printing coupons,  answering surveys and brief poll questions.

Learn more about Mypoints here.



Other places, where we earn money online:



We earn ThredUp credit, which can be used to purchase gently-used clothing for our four kids. Get $10 to shop for with this $10 ThredUp bonus.

Read more about our ThredUp experience here.



We earn Twice credit, which cna be used to purchase gently-used women’s clothes. Get $10 to shop for at Twice, with this $10 Twice bonus.

Read our Twice review here.


Sponsored Tweets:

Sponsored Tweets: Earn money for sending out tweets for companies.


Now, there are many more places to earn money online, but the Frugality Is Free family value our time as well, which means we only use the sites, where we do not waste our time.


Where do your family earn money online?

  7 Responses to “Our Favorite Places To Earn Money Online”

  1. I have never thought of this and this would be great but i hate those survey sites where they ask you three mill questions to see if you qualify and you do not and thats just a waste of time…. but these sound good!

    • Joanna, I so agree with you. This is how I started out earning online…the surveys. They are so tedious and time consuming though, and I never EVER do surveys now. This is why I really like Instant Cash Sweepstakes, because the questions are quick and simple….and you never “disqualify”.

  2. I’ve always wondered whether or not these sites are worth is… I’m so glad to hear you’ve made them work for you. Have you ever had any problems with giving out your personal information to companies like these? That always makes me a little nervous! Thanks for sharing- your info has made me think about doing this for my family!

    • Keara, that’s one of the reason why I like these sights, because all you need to enter is your basic info. Also, with Swagbucks, you do not even need to enter your address, as most of the rewards are sent via email such as Amazon gift cards.

  3. Thank you for all of your tips. There are a ton of new apps out there too such as Field Agent, Gigwalk, EasyShift, etc. Have you tried any phone apps for cash? Do they work?

  4. […] gift cards for doing simple tasks at some of our favorite online earning sites such as Swagbucks, Mypoints and […]

  5. […] gift cards for doing simple tasks at some of our favorite online earning sites such as Swagbucks, Mypoints and […]

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