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New York and Company red and black flower skirt

One of my favorite clothing stores is New York & Company, but the reality is that New York & Company is not in my clothing budget. Most of our clothing budget goes to the kids (clearance, coupons and second hand purchases), and my husband and I usually head to the thrift store, if we need any “new” clothes.

However, last year I discovered Twice, an online consignment store, which sells name-brand, high quality, second-hand women’s clothing in great condition. Between coupons, sales and store credits, I have managed to add “new” pieces of clothing to my otherwise dull clothing collection, and I will admit that I love how the clothing makes me feel. Certain brands really do have higher-quality clothing than I am used to, so it is quite a luxury to wear these higher-end brands.

The other day, I received an email with some of the newest additions to the Twice collection of second-hand clothes, and I completely fell in love with this beautiful New York & Company skirt, which turned out to be new with tags. I figured it would be way over my price limit, but it turned out to be $14.95. I mostly wear exercise clothes, as I am at the gym ever day, or I wear skirts, but this one was more of a night-out skirt.

When I clicked through the email, it turned out that someone else already had it in their shopping cart, which meant that I could not buy it. I had $40 in Twice credit (some of which I had received, because Twice made a mistake on my last order…which they fixed at no charge, and then gave me back credit as well), used a 15 percent off Twice coupon from Facebook, and I calculated that I could get free shipping by less than $5 out of pocket.

So, I went through the lower priced pieces in my size, where I of course fell in love with another skirt. I waited, and waited, and waited. and the New York & Company skirt kept being listed as in someone else’s cart. When I shop at Twice, I usually put all the items that I like in my cart, and then I start sorting through them, until I find the pieces that I love.You just need to make sure that you add a new item to the cart every once in a while, as your cart expires 60 minutes from the time that you last added something to your cart.
Just as I was about to give up on the skirt, I went to check one last time. Voila, there it was…not in anyone else’s cart, but instead in my own shopping cart in a matter of a click with the mouse.


Twice order january 2014


How To Save At Twice:

  1. Sign up here to get your $10 Twice bonus
  2. Choose the ALL tab, then choose the sizes you are looking for
  3. Choose price LOW to HIGH
  4. Spend $49+ before coupon and sign up bonus  – Like Twice on Facebook to get 15 percent off or wait for a 30 or 40 percent off coupon to arrive in your inbox + get FREE shipping
  5. Or choose an item for $8.95-9.95 + $5 Shipping = $13.95 – 14.95 – Like Twice on Facebook to get 15 percent off or wait for a 30 or 40 percent off coupon to arrive in your inbox + get FREE shipping
  6. If you like Twice and the clothing you receive, make sure to invite your friends, so that you get $10, if they find something they like at Twice as well.




If you want to give Twice a try, sign up to get a $10 Twice bonus to shop for here. You get $10 to shop for, and if you actually find something you like, I get $10 to shop for as well. Make sure to like Twice on Facebook to get 15 percent off.

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  1. I need to check this site out! Thats a great deal. The NY & co though usually have an end of the year sale online that is awesome! thats when i stock up!

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