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I took a bit of a blogging break – well, blogging less at least – over the Christmas break, but it was mainly due to the fact that I finally got our sewing machine out of the closet. I will admit that I had lost my desire for sewing over the past many years, since sewing for boys just isn’t much fun at all. I’ve sewn almost all of the curtains in our home and such, but boy clothes just isn’t much fun. When I found out that I was pregnant with a little girl, I was eager to start sewing dresses for her, but then I found out that I could get gorgeous dresses for $3.49 or less at my favorite consignment store, which was cheaper than making it myself – see how I get cheap or free girl’s dresses here.

Springfield Doll Emma

However, I recently won a beautiful Springfield Doll for our baby girl at MudPies and Tiaras, and although she is not big enough for it yet, I decided to start sewing doll clothes – and I’m having a blast doing it.

I will admit that I amazed both myself, my husband, and the boys in my family, while our little girl sequels in delight, every time I show off a new creation.

I started out making a simple tutu skirt for the very simple pink dress that the Emma doll came with. I also made a tutu skirt for our little girl in the same color, so that she will have a matching outfit with her doll.


homemade tutu dress for doll

Then, I decided on making a new dress from some scrap fabric with my own design. I used some parchment paper to make a simple doll pattern, and I used some pretty pink flower ribbon to add some extra girly details.

homemade doll clothes


This is when I amazed myself so much that I decided to look for free doll clothes patterns online. The next dress I made was this drawstring doll dress from Heritage Doll Fashions at Pixie Faire, and it turned out really great. The instructions were easy and  simple to follow, and I had a new cute doll dress made in no time.


homemade doll dress

Making a doll dress literally only takes a bit of a fabric scraps, and I am now trying to come up with lots of cute doll dress designs, so that my little girl can get doll clothes for her birthday and Christmas, as she gets older. A dress for a doll can easily cost $10, so making my own doll clothes for her out of scrap fabric will save us a lot of money. You can either make your own creations, buy doll clothes patterns or find free doll clothes patterns online such as the one I used above.

Do you make your own doll clothes?

This is the first post in our series How To Make Doll Clothes, but you can always find of the posts in the the top navigation bar under Frugality Posts or at this How To Make Doll Clothes tab.

  12 Responses to “Making Your Own Doll Clothes With Free Doll Clothes Patterns & Scrap Fabric”

  1. You did great! Love them all! I love dolls–and making doll clothes, too. No little girls to sew for here now, but I have been making some from scraps from the Pillowcase style dresses I sew for needy girls..I have sold some and used the money for buying more fabric for making dresses for girls–a fun circle :-). Enjoy!

    • Cheryl, I just love how you make pillowcase dresses and send them to girls in need. Every girl sure deserves a dress to wear, and I am so happy that you are making it happen. I love how you sell some to buy more fabric as well. Where do you sell them?

  2. Oh, and it is fun, too, to upcycle clothing into doll clothes, too. Super frugal!

  3. very cute dresses. i love these patterns and mostly that they are FREE!!! thanks for sharing

  4. Oh how cute! I have to say, I have never been one who sews, guess because I was never taught. I tried a few times on my own but…that didn’t work. Oh how I wish I could though to sew some of these for my granddaughters dolls. You do great work!

    • Sandra, my mom only taught me the very basics, but with the help of books and you tube, I am really beginning to learn a lot of new sewing techniques.

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  6. […] you liked my post earlier this year about how to make doll clothes from free doll clothes pattern, you are going to love this post even more. I’ve often […]

  7. Good to know there are free patterns out there. I have great memories of playing with my dolls and dressing them in the many cute outfit my mom made for them.

  8. This is an easier project than I thought!

  9. these little dresses are so cute! I wish I knew how to work a sewing machine!

  10. Thanks for the tips. These are so cute! Doll clothes are SO expensive and it would be great to be able to make my own.

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