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This morning we took the kids to the circus for the first time, and we had a blast. Ringling Bros.  Barnum & Bailey is performing at the American Airlines Arena from Jan 9th -20th. Make sure to see below, how you can get Ringling Bros. tickets for as low as $10!

Ringling Bros


We were not sure what to expect, since this was our family’s first time at the circus, and a circus in the arena seemed  a bit odd. However, the Ringling Bros. Barney & Bailey put on a fantastic performance, which delighted the kids, kept them on the edge of their seats and even baffled us parents at times.


Tigers circus

The tiger show was one of the absolute highlights, but I will admit that I sighed of relief, once the tigers had been removed from the arena. Safety was in top, but there sure were a lot of big tigers in the tiger show.


circus tigers

Our 10-month-old baby girl mastered the task of clapping by the end of the show, and the poodle talent show made her squeal in delight.

The line dancers did lots of fabulous tricks including riding bicycles on the aerial line – amazing!


cycling line dancers

If you or your kids fear clowns, don’t fear the Ringling Bros., because their take on clowns are more entertaining, less clowning and more comedic artistry. This modern-day circus caters to the video-loving generation that is always demanding entertainment with constant a well-coordinated bombardment of new entertaining shows, while old stages were taken down in the dark at a different part of the arena.


The Ringling Bros. Build To Amaze show is also known as the Best Show On Earth, and I will say that it is the best circus performance that I’ve ever been to. This modern-day circus in the city was full of multi-talented performers, acrobats, gymnasts and artists – it was fascinating to watch how each performer thrilled the audience with their talents, and there were lots of oohs and aahs from our row.

The animal shows were phenomenal, and the acrobat and gymnastic performances were both well-choreographed and awe-inspiring. The energetic gymnasts showed awe-inspiring strength, and they left us puzzled by their strength and talents.

unicycle basketball

Our three boys especially loved the basketball segment, where performers were  playing basketball and doing stunts while riding unicycles. This part of the show was extremely fitting In a basketball-loving Miami, where the show was taking place at the Miami Heat’s home arena.


Make sure to arrive early, as their is a fun pre-show starting one hour before the performance, where the kids can actually interact with the performance down on the circus floor.


traffic cone man on stilts


“This was awesome!” our 7-year-old son declared, when we got home, and it takes quite a bit to impress him. Our four-year-old could not stop talking about the show, and he kept on chatting until he finally fell asleep.




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  1. we always want to go to the circus even though we hear some negative things about animal treatment, I pray that they do take care of their animals! must be a great experience!

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