Jan 302014

Target pizza deal

I did a whole lot of small shopping trip this week, including a second shopping trip to Target. The first time I went, they only had meat pizzas, and the Red Baron pizza was out. So, I went back with the coupons, the mobile coupons and the Target Cartwheel discounts to get a great deal on pizzas.

We had a busy day today, with meetings at the school and so it was so easy to just make the pizzas before heading off the school and the gym.


Target Pizza Deals:

1 lb Ground beef on sale at 3.05 – 5 % Target Cartwheel discount and $1 off Meat Target mobile coupon – Text CHEESY to 827438 or Text FRESH to 827438) = $1.89 (Was $3.59)

3 x DiGiorno Pizza on sale at $4.50 each = $13.50 – (B2G1 Free DiGiorno coupon, $1/2 DiGiorno Target coupon and 10 % Target Cartwheel discount) = $7.10 ($2.37 each) (Were $5.49 each)

Coca Cola 2 l $1.79 – FREE with the purchase of 2 DiGiorno pizzas = FREE

4 x Red Baron Pizzas on sale at 3 for $9 and B3G1 Free = $9 – $3/3 Red Baron Pizza coupon = $6 ($1.50 each)

Total out of pocket $12.99

Total saved $28.58


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  1. Great deals! i signed up for the text messages and going to try to get these awesome scores too!

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