Feb 192014

Michaels Valentines Day clearance

After Target, we had some extra time to spend before heading to ALDI, so we made a quick stop at Michaels. At Michael’s we found lots of great Valentine’s clearance at 80 percent off, and we found both crafts for the girl in our family as well as more great things for this upcoming week’s birthday celebrations.


80 Percent Off Michaels Valentine’s Clearance Finds:

4 x Valentine’s Stamps @ $0.30 each

Valentine’s Day glitter ornaments $0.59

Valentine’s Day Glitter foam stickers on Valentine’s clearance $0.59

3 x Valentine’s Foam Stickers 4 oz containers on Valentine’s Clearance at $1.59

Valentine’s Day Foam stickers 2.5 oz on clearance at $0.99

4 x Valentine’s Napkins on clearance at $0.39 each

Wilton Valentine’s Day sprinkles on clearance at $0.79


Tax $0.60

Total out of pocket $11.08

Total saved $43


What have you been looking for at the Valentine’s Day clearance sales? Which stores have the best Valentine’s clearance?

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