Feb 282014

disney party

Earlier this week we celebrated Bellamy Blue’s 1st birthday with a Disney Side party, and it sure was a lot of fun. The Frugality Is Free family recently added a couple of new Disney gift cards to our Disney World savings, and even though our Disney plans are still a bit out in the future (so that all the kids can benefit from a trip), it sure made our future Disney visit seem a little bit closer.

Disney tattoo

With Disney napkins, decor and more, it was a perfect way to have a party. The kids got Disney tattoos, stickers and bracelets, while the grown ups got HP photo card paper and more goodies. We celebrated by the poolside, and it was the perfect day for a first birthday and Disney celebration.

disney table 1

One of the big hits of the party, was decorating t shirts, and both kids and grown ups created some great designs.

disney Collage

The Disney party menu consisted of scrumptious chocolate cupcakes, refreshing egg-free, dairy-free carrot cake cupcakes, a marvelous chocolate birthday cake, and lots of fresh cut fruit.


The kids also loved the Disney themed party favors such as bracelets, balloons, Goofy tattoos and Mickey stickers. We added some bubbles and water guns for some extra fun. It was a fabulous birthday party, and we sure got to show of our Disney side.


Now that Bellamy Blue is one-year-old, the FIF family has gone into Disney countdown mode, and we are doing so in style. In a couple of weeks, we are surprising the kids with tickets to see Disney on Ice….



Disney side logo

You can find many more great Disney party activities here at the Disney Side website.


How do you show your Disney Side?



Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a Disney Sides party kit from Disney Parks and Mom Select to help host our Disney Side party. No monetary compensation was received, and any opinions expressed above are based solely on our experience with Disney.

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  1. We are disney fanatics in this house, they are crazed for everything disney! how awesome that you guys are going to the Disney on ICe! they will love it! Love the first birthday party and all the mickey stuff!

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