Feb 042014

disney gift card

Yeah, it’s back! Get a free  $10 Disney Gift Card for your Disney Movie Rewards points.

We are in the early planning stages of a Disney trip (which is a few years out), and we’ve been saving Disney gift cards for this very purpose. Today we just redeemed our Disney Movie Rewards points for two $10 Disney Gift Cards, which will be a perfect addition to our Disney World savings. We’ve redeemed for gift cards, every time the gift card rewards have occurred, and it is going to be a big help the day we finally make it to Disney.

You can also get a Starbucks gift card for your Disney movie rewards points, if that is what you prefer.

And….don’t forget to check your inbox for your February Disney Movie Rewards mystery points…

  One Response to “Hot! Get A Free Disney Gift Card With Your Disney Movie Rewards”

  1. Oh awesome! we love the disney store and anything disney this will be great!

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