Feb 092014

Our 11-year-old son has entered quite a growth-spurt, and he is now almost as tall as me. He has surpassed me in shoe sizes, and shopping for shoes in men sizes sure is a different ball game price-wise than shopping for boys’ shoes. Last weekend we went to the mall to search for new shoes for him, but we were unsuccessful. The prices were $35 and up, and he did not find anything he liked in the $35 price range.

So, I ended up going to Kohl’s.com, where I found some nice Fila sneakers that he liked. Last week they had free shipping on orders of $50+, so we ended up getting a size 9 and a size 10 based on the shoes he had tried on at the mall….he was wearing a size 7. However, when the shoes arrived, the size 9 seemed a bit too snug, so he ended up jumping from a size 7 to a size 10 in men’s shoes. Wow!

His two younger brothers were eager to put tabs on the blue size 9 Fila sneakers, but it will be a few years  before either of them can fit into these shoes, so we decided to head to a local Kohl’s to see, if we could exchange them. We ended up paying $27 for each pair before tax, got free shipping and we received $10 Kohl’s cash back.

Fila sneakers

First Kohl’s Online Order:

FILA Soar 2 Running Shoes black – Men size 10 $31.99 (original price $64.99)
FILA Soar 2 Running Shoes blue – Men size 11 $31.99 (original price $64.99)


– 15 percent of Kohl’s coupon ($9.60)

Tax $3.27

Total out of pocket $57.65  + Free Shipping ($27.19 each before tax)

+ $10 Kohl’s cash back

Total saved $80.13

+ $3.46 cash back in Ebates earnings


Today, we went to exchange the shoes and luckily we found the size 11! that we needed. We browsed all of the clearance racks, and we found some great deals to use our $10 Kohl’s cash on.

Kohl's clearance

2nd In Store Kohl’s Order:

Barely There Bra on clearance at $6 (Original price $30)

Jumping Beans Toddler Girl Leggings on clearance at $1.20 (Original price $12)

Jumping Beans Toddler Girl Leggings on clearance at $1.20 (Original price $12)

Teen Boys Hawk T Shirt on clearance at $3.60 (Original price $18)


-$10 Kohl’s Cash from previous shopping trip

– 15 percent off Kohl’s coupon

Tax $0.10

Total out of pocket $1.80

Total saved $74.52


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