Feb 082014

Monster Jam El Diablo

Tonight the boys headed for some noisy horse-power fun, because it was time for Monster Jam at the Sun Life Stadium here in South Florida. Gigantic monster trucks had taken over the Miami Dolphin’s stadium, and the kids enjoyed the impressive monster trucks such as El Diablo, a fiery red monster truck with a giant grin and tongue sticking out as well as El Toro Loco an orange monster truck with golden horns that shot out steam.

Our boys are boys-boys, but they are quite science and history focused, so we weren’t sure if they would enjoy the show. There was no doubt that they all had a blast though, and they could not stop talking about everything they had seen. As they were falling asleep, we could hear mumbling about the Grave Digger and the Mohawk Warrior, but still sleep finally caught up with them.

Monster Truck at Monster Jam


The line up of Monster Truck stars  did not disappoint, and the boys had a great time at Sun Life Stadium.


Monster Truck at Monster Jam


Our four-year-old son were especially impressed by all of  the jumps, and he was in awe of how many cars, buses and campers these trucks could jump over. The older boys on-the-other hand found the destruction more appealing, and overall this was one night full of horse-power that they will not forget.

This morning our middle son exclaimed “Last night was awesome!”, and then the kids proceeded to talk about the strong monster trucks that they had seen last night.


Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received complimentary tickets for helping spread the words about the ticket discount through our participation in the US Family Guide blogger program.

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  1. That is great that the boys had fun! We are going to have our first boy this spring so cannot wait to take him to do stuff like this!

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