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Blue Ralph Lauren Baby DressWith four kids in the family, buying kids clothes at full price is not an option. In fact, quite often buying new clothes is not an option, which is why we buy a lot of our kids’ clothing used. We either buy clearance with coupons or second-hand clothes, and growing up as a farmer’s daughter, having a tight clothing budget is a very familiar feeling.’

I used to love it, when on a few rare occasions my mom brought home a box of hand-me-downs from a cousin or one of her colleagues. While we do not have any family around to get hand-me-downs from, getting a box of clothes from our favorite online consignment is just as wonderful (especially if we have credit to use).

One thing that is essential when shopping on a tight clothing budget, is shopping out-of-season – even when you shop second-hand. This is why, we always shop a size or two (or four) ahead of what our kids actually need. The two youngest boys are pretty set already between all of our clearance finds and hand-me-downs from their big brother (who seems to grow faster than I can shop), but I am on a mission to get our little girl a beautiful wardrobe without breaking our budget.

Take a look at what our latest box of used clothes contained….

Thredup dresses

I wanted to get our little girl a pink skirt to go with her tights and two long-sleeved shirts, for our cold days here in South Florida. However, spending a lot of money on a new skirt was not an option, so instead I went browsing at ThredUp, since I had enough credit to get free shipping . I found two perfect skirts for Bellamy Blue, and I also found lots of other great deals in bigger sizes.

I have been a part of the online world long enough to know that good deals and good sites usually change, and so I know that the $10 sign up bonus to ThredUp will one day disappear. This is another reason why I buy bigger sizes to Bellamy Blue, because I know we will never be able to afford to buy these beautiful dresses for her at the store, and our local thrift store does not have a nice selection. In fact, the pries are often higher than at ThredUp, and the quality is nowhere near that of the dresses we find at ThredUp. So, I buy dresses several sizes bigger than what Bellamy Blue uses now, if I find a good deal, and then I have a very organized storage system. I also have a list of all the clothing she has in bigger sizes, so that I never buy anything that she already has.


ThredUp order january 2014



We had enough credit to cover almost all of the purchases, which meant that we only spent $0.38 out of pocket. If we had purchased all of the above at new full-price, we would have spent more than $450!!!


Hartstrings skirt

The dresses that we received were gorgeous, and I especially love the Hartstrings skirt above, the blue and white striped seersucker dress as well as the white Children’s Place dress, these dresses were absolutely gorgeous, but there is no way that we could ever afford buying them in store.

 Shop For Free

How To Save Big At ThredUp:

  1. Sign up for your free $10 ThredUp bonus
  2. Choose the gender and sizes you want
  3. Choose prices low to high in the top right hand-side and start browsing.
  4. Check out the new-with-tag section (in the sidebar under “condition”), and check out the women’s and junior sections as well.
  5. Add everything you like to your cart to reserve the item – You can always remove it from your cart during your final sorting.
  6. Buy items such as jeans, jean shorts, dresses, skirts and jackets, which are hard to find at low prices even on clearance.
  7. In order to use the $10 bonus, you will have to spend $40. Buy $50 worth of clothing, get free shipping, and only pay $40 after the ThredUp bonus. (That’s as little as $2.09 a piece)
  8. Everything ships in 3 – 8 business days.
  9. Invite your friends and get $10 to shop for, once they make their first ThredUp purchase.
  10. Sell your own clothes to ThredUp and get more credit. (We only recommend this option, if you do not have any other options for resale, as ThredUp only accepts like-new clothing)



If you think ThredUp might be for you, you can get $10 to shop for, if you sign up through this ThredUp bonus link. If you sign up, you get $10 to shop for, and if you actually find something you like, we get $10 to shop for as well. It is a win win!


Do you buy second-hand clothing for yourself or your kids?

  41 Responses to “Save On Kids Clothes By Buying Out Of Season – Saved $450!”

  1. While this is a great deal and awesome find for you, I do feel bad for your boys.. They only get hand me downs from their brother. i’ve got 4 boys and a girl and by the 2nd boy there’s no way the other 2 can use them. I also try to make them all feel special by getting them new items now and then, I don’t like to show favortism. (learned the hard way of this one) It just seems that alot is spent on girls and not much on boys. I try to keep mine equal and fair share. I remember growing up my parents had nil to practically nothing and my sister often wore clothes that my brother outgrew, because it’s all we had. Thred up is pretty good but boys clothes on there are not great unless you are searching for jeans and you won’t find them cheap!

    • Jaime, I agree about the boys clothes on ThredUp – which is why you rarely see me buy anything for the boys there. I’ve found a sweat shirt and a couple of shorts there, but other than that the selection for bigger boys is not really my taste. The baby girl is actually the one, who gets used clothes the most. I have found that certain brands can go through all three boys, while other brands turns into play clothes after only one child.

      As for special treatment, I don’t really think much about it….because my boys aren’t really into clothes yet. I’m sure that time will come. One thing I can say is that neither of them are missing out, because I do a lot of clearance shopping with coupons, which is when they all get new things. This is where buying ahead comes in handy, because each boy have their own clothing box, where I put things in, even if they are a few numbers too big.

  2. I agree it is hard to find good boy clothes on these sites! i am having a boy and rarely find anything good but for girls they do have a lot! You got a great deal!

    • Joanna, Kohl’s is one of my favorite places to go for boys clothes, and I always try to hit the clearance racks there. Also, make sure to stop by the shoe clearance every time, as you can find some great deals on great shoes.

      • never thought about Kohls since i always thought they were too expensive. Will def do what you say! =0) Hopefully i am lucky!

        • Just make sure to shop the clearance racks and sign up for their emails – you’ll get a $5 coupon to shop for the first time, and then they’ll send you lots of great coupons once in a while.

  3. You always seem to find the absolutely cutest dresses for your little one on this site!

  4. I would use my $10 ThredUp Bonus on baby clothes for our new (and first) grand daughter, Savanna. As the first in our immediate family, we have no easily available hand-me-downs, but ThredUp looks like a great resource!

  5. Clothes for my son

  6. I would buy a cute dress for my granddaughter.

  7. I’d spend the money on dresses for my baby girl!!!

  8. I’d spend the ten dollars on cute little summer dresses for my 6-month old baby girl!!!

  9. i would spend the 10 dollars on something extra like a purse or accessory! Great for Easter!

  10. I would spend the free $10 on some cute spring/summer pajamas for my daughter!

  11. I would spend the $10 on a dress for my granddaughter.

  12. I joined over the winter and used my $10 for a pink tie died velour puma sweatsuit for my daughter. She LOved it!!

    • Abigail, it sounds like a fantastic choice. I’m so glad to hear that your daughter loved it. My kids love getting ThredUp boxes in the door, and the big kids have also loved every piece of clothing that they’ve ever received from ThredUp.

  13. Enjoy this site. Such cute outfits

  14. I would use the $10 to buy my little girl some t-shirts. She makes a mess and always needing extra shirts.

  15. I used to buy second-hand clothing, but our Goodwill has gone down in quality and up in prices, so I stopped shopping there and haven’t bothered to find other used clothing outlets locally. Buying used online is a good idea I haven’t pursued, though!

  16. I would use the free $10 towards a dress for my niece! That’s a pretty nice promotion!

  17. I love this. Clothes like this aren’t usually worn much. They are great! I love the price for everything. I have a 3 year old grandson and I was looking at a resale shop for Bob the builder t-shirts. I love finding things for a great price. It is the thrill of the hunt!!!

  18. I already signed up for Thread Up so I can’t do it here, sorry…. they do have some cute things 🙂 Thank you for the post.

  19. i would spend the $10 on some baby bottles i need to buy for my baby on the way. i love dr. browns although they are hard to clean.

  20. When my children were young and I found myself as a single parent, we relied on hand-me-downs exclusively. Even though I don’t have to now, I still shop thrift stores for almost all of my clothing, and even talked my husband into used clothing.

  21. I would spend the $10 on shoes and hats for my little man! I love to accessorize him too!!

  22. I would spend my $10 towards a blouse like I found on the site, The Limited Blouse, Long Sleeve. It was priced at $12.49 much less than retail. It looks hip. I always need more “hip” in my wardrobe.

  23. I would spend 10.00 on clothes for sure. I would buy and have bought used clothes. Some clothes someone just wore it once for a special occasion or like kids outgrew it! If it is in good shape it is no different than it was washed at home.

  24. I saw a cute purple dress in my daughter, Hannah’s, size. But at $10.45 for an Old Navy dress, I know I could get it cheaper on clearance than from Thread Up.

  25. I need summer clothes for both of my little ones, so I would definitely put the $10 towards those!

  26. I would try to find something for my grandson and if there is nothing nice (and cheap) then a cute dress for my onely granddaughter would be the next choice.

  27. I would spend $10 on lots of boy clothes… maybe some cute shirts.

  28. I would use the 10 to buy 3 dresses that is a really good deal. The prices are very reasonable too. I am really happy I found this post to find such great values.

  29. What a fantastic site..and, such adorable clothing and so econimical…soooooo wish that this site had been around when I had wee little ones and just starting out..I would use $10 on a dress for my new niece

  30. Thredup has some really cute girl clothes, but I have never been impressed with anything in Elliott’s size. I can typically get his clothes cheaper on clearance or with great sales. In fact as I was looking through today, they have some of the exact same pieces of clothing that Elliott has, listed at a fair amount more than I paid for them new.

    There are a couple of cute dress shirts available in his size right now, though, but they are a little more expensive than I would typically pay for used.

  31. I would spend 10.00 on some clothes for sure. I love to shop for items that are a great deal. Kids clothes sometimes are barely worn!! I love to get a great deal and get more too!!

  32. I would use the 10 free dollars to buy school shirts , my boy starts Kindergarten in Aug.

  33. $10 free is a great deal! Anything in saving for kids clothes goes a long way… they grow so fast, it’s hard to keep up! T-shirts are always a must have, so that would be where I spend the $10 extra!

  34. I think there are a some great dresses for girls. They are so hard to find in stores. I can walk into a store and have a really hard time finding them unless there is a holiday close by.

  35. I would spend the $10 on after Christmas clearance items when they hit 75%-90% off! I do this after every holiday! I just bought a light up Minnie Mouse for my porch 90% off I spent $2.49 it is adorable. I love after holiday clearance!

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