Feb 142014

Target dinnerware clearance

I have been watching the Target dinnerware clearance for several weeks now, and I almost picked up a 12 piece set at $13.98. Still, I passed until today…when I had no room to carry anything. At $5.98, I simply could not pass it up again, because we are in need of new matching plates. We have only 2 plates that matches, and these two plates has cracks in them, so it is a bit embarrassing, when we have guest over. With a tile floor and a very clumsy me….plus four kids…well, these new plates will only be used, when we have guests over.

I also found a few things at the Dollar Spot at 50 percent off.

Target Clearance Deals:

Room Essentials 12 piece Dinnerware set on clearance at $5.98 (Original price $19.99)

2 x Packs of Pencils on Dollar Spot Clearance at $0.50 each

2 x Hanging storage on Dollar Spot Clearance at $0.50 each

2 x Valentine’s Day Sprinkles on Dollar Spot Clearance at $0.50 each

Bicycle light on Dollar Spot Clearance at $0.50


Total out of pocket $10.05

Total saved $18.56




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