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I rarely make it to Walgreen’s for four reasons. 1) It is out of my way 2) I always end up leaving frustrated, because they mess up the order somehow. 3) Walgreen’s is very coupon hostile 4) They are always out of their sales products

Still, once in a while, I’ll see a couple of deals in the weekly ad that will make me stop by, but I always seem to come back to the three points above….and this week was no different.

The Walgreens coupon for the kitchen towels did not scan – the only coupon I used. The cashier did not notify me that it did not scan, and I only found out, because I stopped to check my receipt before leaving. When I returned to ask about it, the cashier made a big deal about how the coupon did not match the paper towels that I had purchased, even though it clearly stated it on the coupon and in the weekly ad.

Walgreens were also out of the cashews that I had intended to buy, and although I did pick up some of the mixed nuts, I was not content with the high amount of peanuts.

Oh well, maybe one day I’ll learn. The deals at Walgreen’s are hardly ever good enough to make a trip there…because I prefer to avoid the frustrations.

How do you feel about Walgreen’s shopping?




Walgreen’s Shopping:

Tuf Paper Towels on sale at $4.49 – $1 Walgreens coupon from the coupon booklet = $3.49

2 x Bags of Nuts on sale at 2 for $4

2 x Eggs on sale at $1.25 each


Total out of pocket $10.58

Total saved $6.37


Do you always leave Walgreen’s frustrated?

  8 Responses to “Walgreen’s Deals with a Dose of Frustrations”

  1. I stopped shopping at Walgreens for the same reason – although I do occasionally get photos printed there. It drove me absolutely nuts that they were always out of sale items. And the cashiers act like you are cheating them if you want to use several coupons. CVS offers much better customer service and better deals, so I choose to give them my money instead of Walgreens.

  2. I stopped going to Walgreens months ago no matter how great the deals may be. I always leave with a botched transaction and they always give me a hard time with my coupons even though they are legit.

  3. They are the best drug store but things are over priced and they never ask me for my Wellness card number.

  4. I stopped going to Walgreen when they ticked me off during their “Black Friday” sales. They should really change their slogan to “between the corner of Grouchy and mentally unstable”. Yep they really got to me and I am glad to see I am not the only one.

  5. I stopped going to Walgreens a long time ago. It just always seemed to be a hassle. I saw a great deal posted for the Glade refills, and Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce so I sent my husband to get them coupons in hand.
    Cashier: Let me call a manager, I’m not sure if any of these coupons are any good. He had (2) $2/2 Glade , and (1) $2/2 Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce
    1st Person/ not sure if mgr or not : umm I think this coupon is good (1 glade) but not this one it is photocopied ??
    I printed both of them out, not copied yesterday. (grr) but the BBQ coupon they never saw before it might not be real ? I printed that one today. ???z
    called another person to view: Sorry no I’ve never seen this coupon before. He told them forget it and left. They treated him like a thief ! Bad enough their stock only had 2 glade oil refills, so he had to get 2 glade plug ins instead …. but then treat him like a criminal trying to use them.
    Walgreen’s … I’m done with them. This is CRAZY…

  6. The people at both local Walgreens are very friendly and put effort into being helpful. That said, the multiple ways that register rewards, balance rewards and both mnfr and store coupons interact and sometimes cancel each other out is enough to make your hair fall out.

  7. I have family that works at walgreens and yes they have a very strict coupon policy. My local walgreens is pretty good and they do seem to have some good deals once in a while but i avoid using coupons unless it is there and use the rewards card

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