Mar 072014

ALDI foods

It is amazing how empty our fridge, fruit bowl and produce drawer looks, whenever we go more than two weeks without an ALDI visit. I sure wish that ALDI was closer, because it would help us save a lot more on our grocery budget. I doubled up on produce this week, since we go through so much, and ALDI has the best prices, even when it is not on sale.

Another thing that we love about ALDI is that their milk is free of artificial growth hormones – this is especially important with four growing kids in the house, as we are very concerned about the harmful effects of the artificial growth hormones in our food.


ALDI Produce Deals & More:

2 x packages of broccoli @ $1.69 each

Roma tomatoes $0.99

2 x Iceberg lettuce @ $0.79 each

Cauliflower $1.89

Cucumber $0.55

Multi-colored peppers $1.49

5.1 lbs of bananas $2.24

Asparagus $2.89

Red Onions $0.99

Naval oranges $3.69

Mushrooms $1.29

Brown sugar $1.19

Black beans $0.59

Blackberries $1.59

2 x Avocados @ $0.59 each

1 gallon  of skim milk $2.89

2 x Lactose Free milk @ $2.79

Chicken drumsticks $3.63

Lunch meat $2.49

String Cheese $2.69

Wide pan whole wheat bread $0.49

Butterbread $0.59


Total out of pocket $43.95

Total saved $20 (Compared to the lowest prices at our regular grocery stores)


Where do you buy your milk, and are you worried about artificial growth hormones in your dairy?

  3 Responses to “ALDI Milk Has No Artificial Growth Hormones + Great Prices – We Saved $20!”

  1. The Aldi stores are popping up all over here like popcorn! they are even making one down the street from us! I love to get our produce there esp the organic ones! Love that the milk is hormone free! we also worry about that!

  2. I am incredibly lucky that we literally have an Aldi right around the corner. It is the only way I have been able to continue to buy fresh produce all winter on our budget! And thanks for the heads up about the milk! Love, love, love ALDI!!!!

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