Mar 282014

ALDI foods

We finally made it to ALDI this week, but it sure was a surprise to see all of the ALDI price increases, which meant that we saved less than usual. It also means, that I’ll have to try finding other ways of saving on our basics (such as using coupon overage at our regular stores), since we have a bit of a drive to ALDI and with the current prices we cannot justify a trip there. Another negative about this week’s ALDI trip (and there usually aren’t any negatives at all) is that the produce was horrible. Seriously, I’ve never seen the ALDI produce be in this bad of a condition, and I would have bought a lot more greens, if the produce had looked good.

Sorry, ALDI – we love your stores, but please keep up the ALDI standard that we have come to love.


ALDI Shopping Trip:

10 lbs Russet Potatoes $3.59

Broccoli Crowns $1.59

Cauliflower $1.89

2 x Plantains @ $0.25 each

2 x Avocados @ $0.89 each

Mini Sweet Peppers $2.49

Roma Tomatoes $1.49

Large Portabella Mushrooms $1.79

Mushrooms $0.60

2 x Lettuce @ $1.19

4.33 lbs of bananas $1.90

2 lbs Red Grapes @ $2.18

Strawberries $0.99

1 gallon fat free milk $3.19 (Price Increase)

Lactose Free Milk $2.79

String Cheese $2.69

Wild Caught Salmon $3.99

Fresh Chicken Tenders $4.37

Chicken Drumsticks $3.34

Chicken Drumsticks $3.43

Baking Mix $2.49 (Price Increase)

Onion Powder $0.99

Oregano $0.99

Black Beans Dry $2.39

Whole Wheat Bread $1.29

Tortilla Chips $1.19

Veggie Straws $1.79

Duplex Cookies $1.35

Saltines $0.95

Napkins $1.49


Total out of pocket $62.10

Total saved $20



Have the prices increased at your ALDI store?

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