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store brand baby food

When we had our oldest son 11+ years ago, we were still young, inexperienced and focused on getting the “right” kind of brands for our son whether it was clothes, diapers or formula. As two young college students on a tight budget, we quickly had a reality check, when the name brand baby foods, formula etc. broke our baby budget completely. This is when we discovered the brilliancy of store brand formula, store brand baby food, store brand diapers, and as we began comparing ingredients we made the switch to store brand. Our experience completely changed our attitude towards store brands, and not only did we begin to buy mostly store brand baby food, formula and diapers, but we also began to buy the store brand version of our own favorite foods.

As parents we have only become wise and more fiscally responsible with age, and our love for store brands has become a permanent part of our strive for frugality and living a frugal life without sacrificing on quality.

Perrigo Nutritionals make store brand formula, store brand formula and store brand baby snacks for several of our favorite store brand products, and we were not surprised to discover that one company was behind so many of the store brands. It made sense.

We are fortunate to have a Target store in walking distance, and the Target Up & Up brand has never disappointed. Our one-year-old Bellamy Blue and her little friends love the Up & Up Little Puffs baby snacks, and whenever we find coupons, sales and other discounts, we always stock up, since Bellamy Blue shares her snacks with her friends.


Perrigo Nutritionals sent us a variety of baby food and Puffs from Up & Up (Target), Cottontails, Parent’s Choice (Walmart), Comforts (Kroger) and Meijer Baby (Meijer).

baby puff snack

Our one-year-old were not thrilled about the yogurt bites, but her older friends loved these meringue type yogurt bites. However, Bellamy Blue loves all of the puffs, especially the Comforts strawberry apple puffs, which she gladly shared with her dolls.

This was actually the first time that we tried store-brand baby food with Bellamy Blue, since we’ve been able to get some fantastic deals on the national brands between sales and deals. The store-brand baby food from Perrigo Nutritionals were comparable to the national brands that we have been using, and Bellamy Blue especially loves the orchard sweet potato baby food as well as the Parent’s Choice Squeezable Fruit pouches such as the Apple, Peach and Sweet Potato as well as the Pear, Apple, Strawberry and Pineapple.

The baby food is made with 100 percent real fruits and veggies, and contains no artificial flowers. I did not find any difference between the store brand baby food and the national brand baby foods that we have been feeding Bellamy Blue, so next time I cannot find a coupon and a sale, we’ll definitely be turning to store brand baby food again.
Perrigo Nutritionals is the largest manufacturer of Store Brand Infant Formulas in the world, and the company makes the store brand baby products at their Ohio and Vermont facilities, both of which are FDA-inspected, ISO 9001:2008-certified facilities. The company has been in the baby formula business for 29 years.  Perrigo Nutritionals produces 11 different formulas that are sold in more than 68 retailer chains including Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, Kroger, Babies R’ Us, and other leading retailers in United States.

Bellamy Blue was breastfed until a few weeks ago, when she turned one. Since then, we have been using the free formulas that the name brand companies sent to us, and when we ran out we found a great store brand formula deal at Target after coupons and cartwheel discounts.

The Up and Up baby formula as well as the Parent’s Choice baby formula were again very similar to the national brand formula, and Bellamy Blue likes all of them.


Crystal Paine’s 5 Money Saving Tips for Families

Create a Budget
A budget gives you parameters and purpose, it gives you boundaries, and it gives you freedom to live creatively within those boundaries.

Shop With Cash
When you shop with a credit card (or even a debit card, for that matter!) you can have your budget in your head and you can do the best to stick with it when you check out, but it’s so much easier to go just a little bit over here and there when you’re swiping!

Plan a Menu
When you have a plan in place for what you’re supposed to be eating each meal and you’ve already purchased the ingredients for those recipes, it’s a lot harder to justify chucking the plan for takeout.

Use Coupons
Coupons are a great way to save a lot of money on your grocery bill, but they can be hard to keep up with. Clipping, sorting, and organizing coupons takes time — so enter a coupon database! You’ll have access to printable and other coupons currently available and it’s one of the most effective and efficient ways to save money on groceries.

Buy Store Brands
One way to save a great deal of money on your grocery budget is to learn to like and use a variety of brands. The sooner you can get over being a brand-snob, the more your pocketbook will thank you.
For example, while I breast fed my children, moms who choose to formula feed can save up to 50 percent by switching to store brand formula, which meets the same FDA quality standards as expensive name brands. There are also coupons available at a website – (  This one simple change can save moms about $600 a year.


Buy It

You can buy the store brand formula, baby food and toddler/baby snacks at your local store including Walmart, Sam’s Club, Target, Kroger, Babies R’ Us.

Make sure to sign up for Target Cartwheel to get 5 percent off the Up & Up formula and baby food, print  Up & Up coupons from the Target website, and right now you can also bring along a $15 off $40 Up & Up coupon to save even more. Just text UPANDUP to 827438 to get this coupon on your phone.

Win It

One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win a prize package similar to the one pictured above full of store brand baby food, snack, formula and a copy of the new book “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life  by Crystal Paine – owner of one of my favorite blogs Money Saving Mom.

The giveaway prize contains:

  •         A copy of “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your  Passion for Life” by Crystal Paine
  •         1 container of store brand formula
  •         9 assorted Puree Pouches
  •         5 assorted Puffs
  •         4 assorted Yogurt Bites





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This giveaway will end Wednesday April 16th, 2014 at midnight EST.


Disclaimer: The Perrigo Nutritionals product, information and two gift packs have been provided by Perrigo Nutritionals. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with Perrigo Nutritionals store brand formula, baby food and baby snacks.

  78 Responses to “The Best Baby Food + Store Brand Formula Review & Prize Pack Giveaway”

  1. we really like the munchies, they are kind of like cheetos- -but i dont know what they are called. Also the yogurt bites are my son’s favorites.. he just started crawling so he can’t try all the really yummy ones!

  2. We love the Up & Up store brand baby products from Target!

  3. I like Parent’s Choice made by Walmart.

  4. My kids love the Ella’s snack pouches.

  5. We buy parents choice because we shop at walmart more frequently than other stores and it is a better choice economically without sacrificing quality. However, if we had a Target close buy, I’d love to try the up & up brand!

  6. Comforts for Baby! 😀

  7. I’d like the yogurt bites.

  8. Target is my store brand of choice. Good quality for baby food items. Very similar to the branded ones.

  9. Our brand is Parents Choice.

  10. I buy lots of up & up and parents choice brand and my daughter loves both. I don’t have a meijer in my area so i’d love to try their brand!

  11. My baby daughter loves the Up & Up store brand baby products from Target!

  12. this is a nice gift for my baby.

  13. Ive used the target store brand Up & Up for my little one. id like to try the puffs once he’s old enough to have them

  14. We love go snacks! Now springs coming and we will be at the park and squuezy pouches are the best. Also I admire Crystal Paine I would love a copy of her book. We love parents choice

  15. I like Gerbers baby food.

  16. great

  17. My nieces absolutely love the Parent’s Choice snacks and Gerber brand anything…lol. Now that my little sister is about to have a little boy, I would love to have him eating the good, nutritional stuff too! I am so excited for him to be here! 😀

  18. My kids love the poofs

  19. We like Up&Up

  20. My favorite product is the Mixed Berry Yogurt Bites at Kroger. My favorite line if Comforts for Toddlers at Kroger. It is economical and the quality and nutritional value is equal to the name brands. I would like to try their Little Puffs-Strawberry Apple

  21. Would love to win this for a friend!

  22. We love Ella’s!

  23. Happy Tot and Plumb Tot

  24. Walmarts brand cheaper same quality

  25. We buy a lot of Great Value brand from Walmart. Almost everything I’ve bought has been just as good and some are better than national brands.

  26. With my oldest son we bought the Earth’s Best brand, I don’t believe that’s a store brand but now that our household is down to one income we have been buying the Kroger’s brand of organic baby food. We actually only started feeding our son organic because I had a coupon to get a free jar and some money off for buying so many jars, I noticed he liked the organic foods much better than the regular and have continued buying organic baby food for all my children.

  27. I like Gerber

  28. My daughter likes to by Comfort puffs and yogurt bites for my granddaughter. She even buys Comfort diapers but to me cheaper diapers are never worth it.

  29. I love the Up and Up brand at Target. They have these raspberry cream cookies that are delicious! And the prices are much cheaper than buying brand names!

  30. We love Ella’s products – especially the fruit pouches.

  31. Gerber

  32. My baby like any brand of the puffs. I usually buy parents choice in those and the formula!!! I love the price!!¡

  33. I buy Gerber brand baby food and other products. I’m not sure why I buy it other than it’s a well know established company so I trust their products.

  34. My favorite are the Comforts strawberry apple puffs and we buy store brand when it is of similar quality and significantly cheaper.

  35. We enjoy store brands; quality is always good. Would really enjoy the Parent’s Choice squeezables!

  36. We the target’s Up & Up

  37. We love the Up&Up Formula for our little 6-month old girl. It comes in a big container and lasts a long time! Just as good as the other brands and at an even better price with coupons/cartwheel/gift card offers.

  38. We love the Up & Up store brand formula for our 6-month old daughter because the container lasts so much longer and it costs less with coupons/cartwheel/gift card offers.

  39. Love these healthy baby snacks!

  40. I love Kroger’s Comforts for Babies line. I like that they cost less and my little one eats up the snacks happily! I especially like the yogurt bites.

  41. we use Meijer formula because it is cheaper

  42. We use store brands from Walmart and Target, and you can save even another 5% at Target if you use their Redcard. You can use their web coupon, a manufacturer’s coupon, the Cartwheel and your Redcard for 4 discounts total per item and if you find something on their clearance (yes they have food clearances), that’s like getting 5 discounts total (if the Cartwheel has that item on it too at the same time.)

  43. We like some of the Parents Choice brand snacks and baby foods. We don’t see any difference in taste or quality they eat them up just the same! Better price too. We’ve never tried the target brand since there aren’t any stores close by.

  44. I have not bought them before but I would like to try the berry yogurt bites. I remember buying the Gerber puffs but not the generics with last baby.

  45. I really like Target’s Up & Up brand – I buy it because it’s cheaper than the brand name and I don’t notice much of a difference


  47. We often buy store brand products because they are – in most cases – as good (or better) than the brand name products. Some of the store brand items we have tried are Parent’s Choice and Up and Up. I would especially like to try the store brand infant formula.

  48. We normally go with Great Value brand at Walmart

  49. I like to use Fred Meyer brand products because we get an employee discount.

  50. I like to use Parent’s Choice and Up & Up brands (mostly puffs for when they are small). We also used the Parent’s Choice formula with our oldest, who couldn’t breastfeed (both the sensitive and the regular). 🙂

    (As an un-related aside, Aldi brand diapers are my favorite; I just wish they had all of the sizes.)

  51. I like up & up from target. I use the formula because its a good alternative to the regular price formula. The snack puffs are awesome too!

  52. I like parents choice formula. The formula is the same AS enfamil at a fraction of the price.

  53. I usually buy Costco brand for everything. They are really good and reliable and worth the money

  54. We buy a lot of HEB brand items. The prices are a lot better and the food taste the same. We even think the diapers work better than the name brands.

  55. I like Target brand.

  56. I have heard that the Parent’s Choice Brand from Walmart is great. However, this is my first baby, so I would Like to try all of the different brands to see which one he will like the best!

  57. gerbers since i was a kid

  58. We like Ella’s snack foods!

    • We like Ella’s snack foods! And we always have Puffs in the diaper bag. Plus good old Cheerio’s are a go to for when we are at home!

  59. We like Parents Choice at walmart.

  60. Mine may be Ellas’ snack pouches.

  61. I get a lot from target and my kids love yogurt bites ..thanks for the chance 🙂

  62. I like up & up from target, I’d like to try Walmart’s brand too though.

  63. I like up & up from target, I would like to try Walmart’s generic brand too though.

  64. We use some of the Target’s brand for Gabriel.

  65. We use some of the Target’s brand for Gabriel. He’s tricky, though with a lot of tummy troubles etc so trying to figure out what works with his doctors.

    Sorry accidentally hit enter too soon on the first post.

  66. We have found Walgreen’s products to be good. The diapers are comfortable and durable. They are comparable to the national name brands.

  67. we like the up&up store brand the best. i like the quality and the price.

  68. Grandmother of 5, would like to try.

  69. I like Parent’s Choice made by Walmart. I’d like to win it for my granddaughter.

  70. The yogurt drops and puffs. We buy store brand for the savings and the quality

  71. Parents Choice worked well last time I purchased snacks! I would love to try something new though too.

  72. My children preferred Gerber. THank you

  73. i would say parents choice is my favorite although i haven’t tried many store brands. the diapers didnt leak

  74. I buy store brands from Walmart -Parent’s Choice. I buy their products because the price is so much lower than Gerber or Beechnut

  75. […] winner of the Store Brand Baby Food, Snacks & Formula Prize Pack Emily M […]

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