Mar 082014

It’s been a while, since we did a Favorite Giveaways of the Week post, as life with four kids just got in the way. We have not been entering as many giveaways, which of course also means fewer prices. However, it is time to kick it up a notch again, as we try to get back into the winning game again.

We just celebrated to of our kids’ birthdays a week ago, and there were some great gifts thanks to giveaway wins, so hopefully we can fill up the gift closet again and make more happy birthdays.

Our Favorite Giveaways of the Week:


High Road Organizers giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 3/22

Dora in Wonderland DVD giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 3/18

LL Bean Backpack Giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 3/21

Zagg Battery Pack giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 3/17

Crazy Forts giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 3/14

Camelio Tablet giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 3/14

Rock N Learn giveaway at Ahh-Mazing Giveaways – 3/12

Peabody Giveaway at Susan’s Disney Family – 3/10

Playmobile giveaway – at Susan’s Disney Family – 3/103/



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  1. I love the Ahh-Mazing Giveaways and Susan’s Disney Family blogs! they are always having great giveaways! even though i have not been lucky to win anything yet! LOL GOOD LUCK!

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