Mar 302014


Free Collage Photo Walgreens




Walgreen’s has another great photo freebie out, and it is about the only thing that can get me to stop by Walgreens. This free 8 x 10 Photo Collage offer is only available today, but you can order today and pick it up, whenever you can.

  1. Go to the Walgreen’s website
  2. Upload your photos
  3. Go to check out – add the coupon code: CLLGZERO
  4. Select pick up in store and choose your local store
  5. Select pay in store, and you will not have to enter any credit info.
  6. This is how you get a free 8×10 photo print at Walgreens  –  the offer expires today Sunday March 30th!
  7. Order your prints today – and you can pick them up, whenever you get a chance.

  One Response to “Free 8 X 10 Photo Collage at Walgreen’s – TODAY ONLY!”

  1. aww man! i missed it!!

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