Mar 072014

Target grocery deals


This week we just made a quick stop at Target to pick up a few good grocery deals, and we also wanted to take advantage of the new mobile coupons available. Did I tell you how much we love these? The $1 off vegetables, $1 off fruit and $1 off meat Target mobile coupons are a big hit around here.

I am able to get Target mobile coupons on my very basic Metro PCS phone, simply because it has a very basic Internet connection (it’s not a smart phone). If you have yet to try the Target mobile grocery coupons, I can highly recommend them. How To Get Target Mobile Coupons:

  1. Sign up for Target mobile coupons here and/or
  2. Text SPRING to 827438
  3. Text OFFERS to 827438
  4. You will then receive text messages from Target with coupons (including $1 off vegetables, $1 off fruit and $1 off meat)
  5. Click the link in the text message from Target (you will see a list of the coupons and a bar code)
  6. Let the cashier scan the bar code
  7. Check the computer screen to make sure that your coupons were taken off
  8. Check your receipt to double check (the mobile coupons are listed as Target coupons)
  9. The coupon on your phone will now let you know that it has been redeemed


Target Grocery Deals:

Palmolive dish detergent on sale at $2.50 – ($1.25 Target Mobile coupon – text SPRING to 827438) = $1.25

2 x Betty Crocker icings on sale at $1.55 each = $3.10 – ($0.75/2 Betty Crocker coupon) = $2.35 ($1.18 each)

Granny Smith Apples on sale at $2.99 – ($1 Target Fruit coupon from mobile coupons- text SPRING to 827438) = $1.99

2 x Dial Foam Hand Soap at $1.84 each = $3.68 – ($2/2 Dial Target coupon and $1/2 Dial coupon) = $0.68 ($0.34 each)

Pantene Mouse 2 pack on clearance at $4.16 (Was $8.48) – $1 Pantene coupon from P&G coupon insert = $3.16 ($1.58 each)

2 x General Mills Chocolate Toast Crunch on sale at $2.54 each = $5.08 – (2 x $1 Chocolate Toast Crunch coupon NLA and $0.75/2 General Mills Cereals Target coupon) = $2.33 ($1.17 each)


Tax $0.36

Total out of pocket $12.12

Total saved $15.04


Do you use Target Mobile Coupons?

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