Mar 182014

When you live in Florida you never know, who will show up on your door step, so you better have a good security system. Once, I had a snake fall down right in front of me, when I opened our front door. You better believe I closed that door quickly…and left out the back door. And then there was the day, when the SWAT team showed up looking for a neighbor… This Great Egret (also known as the White Heron) decided to take a closer look at the front door today.



white heron



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  9 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday Linky: A Visit From The White Heron”

  1. Because I live in a desert, I never get to see these, but my mother, who lives in Los Angeles county, gets the blue herons. She hates them as they are always trying to steal the fish out of her pond! But she does admit that they are beautiful birds.

  2. What a beautiful bird. Get pics.

  3. Great pic as I love herons. We have the great blue herons down here in Texas and I’m always taking pictures of them.

  4. so true, anything can show up at your door! omg how terrifying for the swat team to show up! YIKES the white heron is much better! ;0)

  5. What an elegant creature. Beautiful.

  6. Fantastic bird. Hubby and I saw birds like this when we were in Florida, but we didn’t know their name, and still to this day call them “long neck birds.”

  7. Awesome creature!… Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. Every now and then I’ll see a Florida bird here (Ill) in the summer. Talk about lost.

  9. If I didnt know better he looks like he coming to knock, what a beautiful bird.

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