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The $10 off $30 Kohl’s coupon on kids apparel is still working (it expires April 19th), and this weekend the kids and I headed to Kohl’s to see, if we could find some good deals. I especially looking for jeans and basketball shorts for our oldest son, as he has been in quite a growth spurt lately.

Last weekend, I reorganized all of the boys’ clothing, moving clothes from one son’s drawer to the next, packing some things away until a younger brother can fit into it, and everything our youngest son had outgrown was passed on to one of our daughter’s little friends.

The Kohl’s we visited had a great clearance selection in the kids clothes section, and I managed to find some great clearance deals including a girl’s nightgown with a matching doll dress. This is the second time that I’ve found one of these, and these will definitely be going into our daughter’s gift box.

 kohls clearance

Kohl’s Kid’s Clearance Deals:

Urban Pipeline Jeans on Kohl’s clearance at $12.60 – $10 off $30 Kohl’s coupon = $8.66 (Regular price $42)

Tek Gear Shorts on sale at $8.99 – $10 off $30 Kohl’s coupon = $6.17 (Regular price $18)

Boys Hawk Long-Sleeved Shirt on Kohl’s clearance at $4.40 – $10 off $30 Kohl’s coupon =$3.03 (Regular price $22)

Toddler Girls Nightgown with matching doll nightgown on Kohl’s clearance at $2.40 – $10 off $30 Kohl’s coupon =$1.65 (Regular price $24)

Girls long-sleeved shirt on Kohl’s clearance at $1.80 – $10 off $30 Kohl’s coupon =$1.24 (Regular price $18)

Girls long-sleeved shirt on Kohl’s clearance at $1.80 – $10 off $30 Kohl’s coupon =$1.24 (Regular price $18)


Subtotal $21.99

– 15 percent off Kohl’s coupon (-$3.30)

Tax $1.12

Total out of pocket $19.81

Total saved $130!


Don’t forget that you can combine a dollar off coupon with a percentage off coupon at Kohl’s for lots of extra savings…plus that all Kohl’s coupons can be used on Kohl’s clearance. You can always find the latest Kohl’s coupons and our Kohl’s clearance finds under COUPONS and CLEARANCE in the top navigation bar.

  4 Responses to “Save On Kids Clothes with a $10 off $30 Kohl’s Coupon (We Saved $130!)”

  1. I am enjoying watching you move into the teen years and still get great bargains. I wondered how it was going to play out. glad you found just what he needed. Great prices!

    • Cheryl, I’ll admit that I was a bit fearful of how I would be able to do it, but thankfully I’ve learned so many creative saving ways over the years that I just gotta find ways to implement them into the teenage clothing lines. The clothes are a bit more expensive than I am used to, but the shoes are the worst.

      Our son had been assigned to a middle school, where there were no uniform code, but it was also a school with a very bad reputation, so we did everything we could to get him into another middle school. We are so thankful that he was accepted into his first choice, which is a STEM magnet school close by, and as a bonus the school has a uniform dress code.

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