Apr 252014

ALDI groceries

We also made it to ALDI this week, where we hoped to stock up on produce. The fruit selection was very disappointing though, as there were mold on the fruits from strawberries to blackberries. This is the second time in a month or so that the fruit selection has disappointed us, which made me extra happy that Publix had a good deal on cut fruit this week.

The vegetables looked better than the fruit, so the trip to ALDI was not a complete waste. We have a bit of a drive to get there, so it is disappointing, when the produce is below the normal  standard. I sure hope it isn’t a trend that will continue… Despite the disappointing fruit, we still saved $30 on produce, dairy and more.



Cauliflower $1.99

Broccoli Crowns $1.69

2 x Mushrooms @ $0.69 each

Grape Tomatoes $0.99

Mini Sweet Peppers 1 lb $2.49

3 lbs red onion $1.89

2 lbs of bananas $0.88

Roma tomatoes $1.49

2 x cucumbers at $0.39 each

10 lbs Russet Potaotes $3.59

2 x Iceberg Lettuce $1.18

Lactose free milk $2.79

1 gallon fat free milk $2.19

Deli Cheese $1.99

Chicken Thighs $3.63

Chicken drumsticks $3.43

Cars 2 Zac Flatware on clearance at $0.99

Ciabatta $1.69

German Rye Bread $1.79

Veggie Straws $1.79

Mango Guava Juice $0.89

3 x Chocolate bars on ALDI Easter clearance at $0.25 each


Tax $0.28

Total out of pocket $42.76

Total saved $30 (compared to the lowest prices at our other grocery stores)



Are you happy with your store’s produce quality? What is the best day to shop at ?


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