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Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway

Our family spends a lot of time on the go, and we especially love going to the beach, the pool or spending time at the local YMCA. This means that we always need to have a bag ready to go, and with four kids that bag needs to fit certain criteria. After searching high and low, in store and online, we finally found the perfect family bag at Balboa Baby.

Balboa duffle bag


Our old gym bag could not handle the move from three kids to four, as it started ripping due to us overloading it. It took a lot of research to find the right bag for us, because not only did it need to have the right size, but it also needed to fit our criteria such as comfortable carry straps and being washable.

Balboa Baby is actually a company, which we are very familiar with, since we already own the Balboa Shopping Cart Cover and the Balboa Stroller Liner. We love both of these products, and from our experience we knew that Balboa means great quality and products that can stand up to lots of wear and cleaning.

The Balboa Duffle Bag really sold me on the fact that it is very roomy. Seriously this duffle bag is 20” x 12” x 10 1/2” and it hold everything that we used to have in two gym bags.

It has three outside pockets as well as two pockets on the inside with zippers. The inside pockets are great for all of the essentials such as keys, wallet, camera, phone and such.


The Balboa Duffle Bags come in several different designs including blue plaid, black camellia, pink camellia, lime poppy, retro, retro flower and a red poppy design. Picking a design was actually quite difficult, because all of the designs are beautiful. The practical mom in me wanted to choose the black camellia, the mom of a baby girl in me wanted to choose the pink camellia, and the mom of three boys in me almost chose the blue plaid. In the end, I decided to go with the retro flower design, since it was simply my favorite, but also because it was perfect for spring and summer.


Balboa Duffle Bags


I was a bit concerned about the light color, but since we have washed our Balboa shopping cart cover and stroller liner many times and these still look like new, I decided to go for it.


The Balboa Duffle Bag is great for the pool

 Balboa duffle bag

The Balboa Duffle Bag is great for the gym

Balboa duffle bag

The Balboa Duffle Bag is great for the beach

Balboa beach bag

The Balboa Duffle Bag is great for travel

 mom travel bag




Why We Love Our Balboa Duffle Bag

  • It is large – the perfect size for dragging towels and swim clothes along for five people
  • It is washable
  • The design is refreshingly beautiful
  • It is sturdy
  • The carry straps are large and wide, which makes it more comfortable to carry
  • It has zippered pockets on the inside for our important belongings
  • It has pockets on the outside for a couple of snacks



Buy Balboa Baby Stroller Liner

You can buy the Balboa Baby Duffle Bag and other great Balboa Baby products at the Balboa Baby website. (www.balboababy.com)

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Win It

One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win a Balboa Baby Duffle Bag in the pattern of their choice.

US Giveaway rules

This giveaway will end Wednesday May 21st at midnight EST.

Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Balboa Baby Duffle Bag for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the Duffle Bag  from Balboa Baby.

  103 Responses to “The Balboa Baby Duffle Bag – A Perfect Family Bag Review & Giveaway”

  1. I like the Simply Soft blankets and the Stroller Liners. I’d choose the Black Camellia Duffle Bag 🙂

  2. My favorite designs are the lime poppy and the retro flower design. The simply soft blankets look soo very soft. My nephew loves to rub soft blankets on his face.

  3. I like the Simply Soft Blankets. The new Diamond pattern is very attractive. This would be a great gift for babies.

  4. I like Pink Camellia Tote Bag with Quilted Fabric with Contrast Lining, Reinforced Straps, and
    Balboa Baby luggage tag

  5. I like the lime poppy design. thank you

  6. My favorite Balboa Duffle Bag print is the Black Camillia. I also like the Pink Camilla Duffle Bag.

  7. They have great products in lovely prints. I like the Lime Poppy Duffle Bag #23207. In addition, I like the Yellow Floral High Chair Cover # 92208!

  8. I like the Red poppy Design the best. It’s bright so i can easily locate it through the chaos. Thanks

  9. I really like the duffle bags. I like the black camellia print, but I’d buy the pink one, because we color-code just about everything in our house, and my color is pink. 😉

  10. I like this duffle bag. https://www.balboababy.com/cat-7/Balboa-Bags.asp. I could fit a lot of stuff in here!

  11. Cute, comfy, and colorful! Like that it is washable!

  12. I like the Balboa Bag Pink Camillia Duffle Bag #23223 the best 🙂 I can’t believe it includes a luggage tag; how thoughtful!

  13. I really love the black camilla duffle bag. I think it’s the perfect gender neutral pattern for sure!

  14. I would like the red poppy car seat canopy.

  15. I also like the Red Poppy Duffle Bag
    #23206. I like the colors and think it would be cute to carry to Disney World.

  16. I LOVE the Retro flower duffle

  17. I like the Retro Flower, Pink Camelia, the Blue Plaid & the Black Camelia patterns. I’d also like to try their messenger bag.

  18. I love Balboa baby. I won a sling & nursing cover in a giveaway last year. But what is a stroller liner? Never heard of that. Love that bag though!

  19. I really like the retro flower tote bag. I love that the top zips closed – that’s a must!

  20. Love Lime Poppy tote and duffle

  21. I like the shopping cart cover in swirl. Those are invaluable pieces to try and keep your baby germ free.

  22. i love the blue plaid tote. it is so perfect for my son. I dont’ want anything too girly for him- like flowers or pink prints.

  23. I really like the Black Camellia Duffle Bag design the best. It looks really cute and roomy. I like that they are lightweight and you can wash and dry it.

  24. I love the Black Camellia Duffle Bag as well as Black Camellia nursing cover

  25. The shopping cart cover is my favorite.

  26. I would love the black camellia duffle bag it seems pretty gender neutral so my hubby wouldnt mind carrying it, as im preggy and cant carry heavy stuff, and well with 3 kids i carry heavy stuff! The stroller liners also seem super cute! id love to win!!!!

  27. I love the lime poppy design!!! So cute!!

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  29. I like the red poppy duffel bag the most. It’s really cute and the black really makes the flowers stand out.

  30. I like the Blue Plaid Duffle Bag.

  31. […] Balboa Baby Family Duffle Bag – 5/21 […]

  32. Would love the Black/White Leaf high chair cover!

  33. I would love the Black/White leaf high chair cover and the nursing pillow! I love everything about Balboa Baby! Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  34. I love the Balboa Bag in Retro Flower, but love all their stuff, especially the Suri shopping cart cover!

  35. I’ve had their Sopping Cart Cover on my wish list for a while. I have another brand and it’s not holding up well to Washington. I have their sling and I adore it!

  36. I love the blue plaid duffle!

  37. I really like the shopping cart covers – such a great way to provide some comfort as well as lessen exposure to germy surfaces. Sage Circle would work for either a boy or girl, since I have 2 grandbabies on the way and don’t know the sex of either!

  38. They have really great shopping cart covers and it’s hard to choose a style since there’s so many great patterns. I reallly like the Black Camellia design of all others.

  39. I like the diamond new simply soft blankets, they would come in handy for the newborns in our family.

  40. I love the lime poppy tote bag because I like green, but I think I like the retro flower duffel bag even more! What a great selection!

  41. I like the blue plaid tote bag.

  42. I like the Retro Flower Duffle Bag the best. I also like their tote bags. Would be nice to have a matching set!

  43. I like the Balboa duffle bag in either Red Poppy or Retro Flower. They are both really nice.

  44. I would really love to get my sister in law the nursing pillow with the coco slip cover! I think she would really love it!!

  45. I like the Pink Camelia bag
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  46. My favorite design is the Red Poppy Duffle Bag. I love the bright red color and the design makes the bag stand out.

  47. I like all of the bags but I like the Lime Poppy Messenger Bag the most. It’s very pretty.

  48. I really like the colors and the design of the Black Camellia Duffle Bag. It is very pretty and really fits my style 🙂

  49. I like the adjustable slings. The swirl pattern is really cute. Looks kind of like a ring sling

  50. I loved the lime poppy tote bag! Thank you for hosting this giveaway! Also, I’d love it if you would check out my blog at http://theladyprefers2save.com Thanks!

  51. I really love the Black Camellia Tote Bag. I think that it is very classic looking and would be great for baby but also be nice to transition to be able to use for work or weekends as well. That makes it a good cost value because of the longevity

  52. I like the Black Camellia Duffle Bag the best. I would really love it if it came in the Lime Poppy pattern but I don’t see that one available.

  53. i like the black camellia print. and I really like the duffel bags and the shopping cart covers.

  54. i think the Red Poppy Duffle Bag is gorgeous!

  55. I have always wanted to get a shopping cart cover so I’d love the Balboa Baby shoppign cart cover.

  56. I like the Blue plaid duffle and the sage circle carrier.

  57. I like the Blue plaid duffle and the sage circle carrier. Either of these would be a wonderful addition to what we already have for the little boy we are due to have the first week of August.

  58. I think I like the Black Camilla design the best.

  59. I really like the diamond new simply soft blankets!

  60. I am in love with all of the diaper bags!! I love how fashionable and cute they are.

  61. I would like the Black Camellia Duffle Bag for my wife and kids. they are always losing things so this might help.

  62. I like the Lime Poppy Tote

  63. I like the balboa black camelia duffle bag, so cute.

  64. I am in LOVE with the Pink Camellia Tote bag!! Also the simply soft blankets would make great baby shower gifts!

  65. I like the red poppy Messenger Bag from Balboa Baby. It is a very cute bag.

  66. My favorite is the Black Camellia Duffle Bag, so pretty!

  67. i have one of their blankets and a car seat canopy and i love them! great quality products!!

  68. That looks like such an awesome bag- would be great for traveling! I love the retro flower, black camelia, and blue plaid prints!

  69. i really like the hair chair covers a lot

  70. I would like to try out one of their slings. I already own a nursing cover in red poppy which I absolutely love. I also like the black camellia design.

  71. I’m taken by the color choices of these products where they think more on who is having to wear the bag not what it holds. The blankets look great and I love the Lime Poppy design.

  72. I love all the bags though my very favorite is the Black Camellia Duffle Bag. My SIL has one and she refuses to share.

  73. Oh man their designs are super cute. I think my favorite for the bags is the red poppy!

  74. I love the bibs, stroller cover, and high chair cover! My favorite patterns are the red poppy and retro flower! So so cute!

  75. I really like the Black Camellia Duffle Bag. I think it would make the perfect addition to my bag collection!

  76. I like the Red Poppy Duffle Bag.

  77. I am really loving the Balboa Baby Messenger Bag in the red poppy fabric. So fun and adorable!!

  78. Besides the wonderful bags I really like the blankets. I like the new diamond simple soft blanket a lot.

  79. This duffle bag would be so convenient. I also like their nursing covers…great print options.

  80. I love the retro flower shopping cart cover!

  81. They have some great colors and styles of this duffle bag for baby. I bet it could be used for many things too. I love the pink colored bag the best. Great designs. The red is nice too!!

  82. I am totally in love with the red poppy print… and I am all about the duffle bag but also love the messenger bag style

  83. I would choose the Red Poppy Family Duffle Bag. I love how bright the colors are! This will be perfect to take to the pool–I’ve got four kiddos! Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. I really like the duffle bag in the plaid blue color. A color and pattern my husband wouldn’t mind carrying if need be.

  85. My favorite is the Black Camellia Duffle Bag – it looks more chic and grown-up than some of the other designs. The Red Poppy bag would be my second choice!

  86. I really like the Black Camellia Tote Bag. It looks large but the perfect size. It would be multi functional.

  87. Everything I saw on the Balboa Baby site is amazing! The nursing pillow with slipcover in vivienne & Suri are precious. I also LOVE the duffle bag in red poppy pattern…it just makes me smile!

  88. Visited and another great item is the Shopping Cart Cover in Yellow Floral, its perfect for every day use.

  89. I love the Red Poppy Messenger Bag. The Print is awesome and the bag is so much prettier than the plain boring black one I am carrying now.

  90. The duffel bag design that I like the most is Lime Poppy! I also really like the car seat canopy’s and could certainly use one of them for my daughters stroller!

  91. I really like the nursing pillow with the Vivienne Slipcover

  92. I absolutely love the Lime Poppy Tote Bag!!! It is definitely my style and exactly what I have been looking for. All the styles and types are very cute though. Especially the pink and black, quite unique…

  93. Pink Camellia Tote Bag with Quilted Fabric with Contrast Lining, Reinforced Straps, and
    Balboa Baby luggage tag

  94. I love the Retro Flower Duffle Bag. They have great pricing and I love how much room this has. It seems I can always pack a bag full..lol

  95. I visited the Balboa Baby site and I love the blue plaid fabric. I would choose that for the Duffle Bag if I won. Another product that is great too is the Tote Bag that they have in the same blue fabric.

  96. I love the Adjustable Sling.

  97. I love the Black Camellia Duffle Bag. The pattern is gorgeous and I can see this being used for years while we go to the shore, etc. It truly is a beautiful bag.

  98. I love the Pink Camellia Tote Bag with Quilted Fabric with Contrast Lining, Reinforced Straps, and
    Balboa Baby luggage tag 🙂

  99. I would love to get the Lime Poppy. It is super cute.

  100. I like the nursing cover. I would pick the Retro Flower design .

  101. I like the Pink Camellia blanket so cute

  102. […] winner of the Balboa Baby Family Duffle Bag Giveaway is Kelly […]

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