Apr 282014

Frugal living and green living often go hand-in-hand, and in the Frugality Is Free family we often find treasures, where others see trash. Whenever we make it to the beach, before the sun goes up, I take a couple of kids with me on a beach cleaning walk before the beach cleaners actually come out to clean some of the mess.

We are always appalled by how much garbage people leave behind, and in between the littering people also forget to bring home their belongings. In the past we’ve found lots of beach shoes, sun glasses, snorkel gear, goggles and such, and we always find beach toys and balls.

Yesterday, we made it to the beach in time to see the sunrise, and I brought our youngest son Emory along for a walk. He was quite excited, and he clearly felt accomplished, whenever he spotted a new treasure. This little guy is our penny finder, and he actually ends up finding just as much (if not more) money on the street, in the stores and wherever we go than his older brothers earn every week.

Take a look at the treasures we found on the beach yesterday…

Beach treasures

We found:

  • 6 buckets
  • 3 shovels
  • 3 balls
  • 1 noodle
  • 1 pair of sun glasses

We had a bunch of buckets with us from home, but almost all of them were cracked from being outside in the sandbox and from being played with, so we discarded those in the garbage can before we left, and instead we brought home new sand toys without spending a penny.

Our above finds were from a very short walk, so make sure to look around before you leave the beach. Make sure you didn’t leave anything behind. I always tell the kids that we want to leave the beach just as clean – and preferably cleaner – than when we greeted it a couple of hours before.


Have you ever found treasures on the beach? Have you ever lost something on the beach?

  4 Responses to “Frugal Living: Beach Cleaning & Finding Treasures”

  1. and you are helping the environment in the process!!

  2. We are going to the beach this week. I will have to try this…

    • I just realized that I didn’t leave sixteen words for the contest, and so I am adding on! A walk on the beach with a child also allows for the one on one time with mom. I try to give my kids one-on-one attention as much as I am able.

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