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If you liked my post earlier this year about how to make doll clothes from free doll clothes pattern, you are going to love this post even more. I’ve often wondered about how to make doll clothes, and now that Bellamy Blue is at the age, where dolls are the big thing, I’ve quickly learned how to make doll clothes. Today I’m going to show you how to make doll clothes from old baby clothes. We’ve gotten rid of most of Bellamy Blue’s baby clothes already, but a few pieces were left behind, as there were a stain or a rip, and these pieces I’ve saved to make doll clothes out of.

The first piece that I decided to transform was one of my favorite summer pieces for Bellamy Blue. It was a cute Old Navy sunsuit that I had bought at a local thrift store for $0.50. After it had been worn and washed numerous times, the fabric had faded quite a bit, and it looked too washed out to pass on.

Instead of passing it on, I decided to turn it into doll clothes, and with a few simple stitches, it became just that. First I created a cute dress of the top, then I decided to take advantage of the buttons and legs of the sunsuit, so I made some bloomers to go with the dress. There were still some of the shirred fabric left, which quickly became a barbie dress. Make sure to stay tuned for posts on how to make the doll bloomers and the Barbie dress.


baby sunsuit

I had some leftover double bias tape, which added a nice touch of color to faded fabric. Take a look at the -by-step transformation below.


Step 1 – Making the first cut

Making doll clothes out of baby clothes

Step 2 – Cutting the back, and cutting excess materials

Making doll clothes out of baby clothes

Step 3

The final cutout

how to make doll clothes

Step 4 –

Serge or zig zag each newly cut sides to make your new piece of doll clothes last . See the importance of and learn how to serge here. I attached double bias tape to the hemline for a nice accent, but you can easily just hem the bottom of the dress without the bias tape.

Making doll clothes out of baby clothes

Step 5 – Fixing excess material in the front by making to simple vertical stitches


The front of the dress is sticking out too much

Making doll clothes out of baby clothes


Turning the dress inside out, and pinning it with needles.

Making doll clothes


Stitching vertical stitches to get a better shape to the front of the dress.

Making doll clothes

Step 6

Sewing together the back straps for a better fit.

Making doll clothes

The Final Result – A pretty sundress made out of repurposing baby clothes

homemade doll dress

With a little creativity you can easily transform baby clothes into doll clothes, and it is a frugal way to keep your daughter’s dolls well dressed on a budget. Doll clothes can be quite expensive, and each set of clothes easily costs $10+. However, by taking advantage of the more advanced features of already made baby clothes, you can create frugal doll clothes with cute accents by using just a few basic stitches.

Next time you have a piece of baby clothing, kids clothes or even your own clothes that has a tear, a rip or another minor problem, don’t just discard it. Instead, save it for whenever you have the sewing machine out to fix another piece of clothing. All it takes is a little creativity and the use of your imagination. After a few cuts and a few stitches, you may end up with several creations, and you won’t have to spend money on expensive fabric.

I first started making doll clothes, when our daughter was about 10 months old, because I had won the above Springfield Doll in a blog giveaway. All of the doll clothes that I have made have been put aside for Christmas and her second birthday, but this time around it sure was difficult to put it away after making it. As soon as Bellamy Blue saw the doll, she was in love. Every time I pulled out a new creation, there were oohs and ahhs and she quickly ran off with the doll and the new outfits. With three big brothers, I am constantly amazed at how much of a girly girl our little one is, but she sure is that. She always carries around her little dolls, and she loves dressing up.

Stay tuned for the next post on how to make doll clothes from baby clothes, where I will show you how I made a matching pair of bloomers to this pretty sundress.


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