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Frugality Is Free Disclaimer review and giveaway
The Happys Chance


The Frugality Is Free family recently got a new pet – it’s a furry pet that does not give us any allergic reactions, and he can even stay inside because he doesn’t shed.

Let me introduce you to Chance, a cute and furry puppy from the Happy’s. The Happy’s is the newest sensation from Cepia, the makers of ZhuZhu Pets. The Happy’s is a collection of furry interactive pets, which can do tricks and entertain for hours. The Happy’s arrive in stores tomorrow April 2nd, so go check them out, and you might just want to get a Happy’s pet for your home as well.


The Happys pet


Our boys ages 11, 8 and 4 all love Chance, and they sure had a difficult time taking turns playing with him. Our little Bellamy Blue is still too little to play with this little guy, but she made sure to keep a distance anyway unless her big brother would hold him (and have him turned off).

The Happys


Our Happy’s Pet Chance follow the kids around, when they hold his bone in front of him. He also deos tricks, races after his ball and chases it around. The kids love how the Happy’s pet actually plays with them just like a real pet.


The Happy’s pets are great for both boys and girls, and if you are looking for a fun addition for  your kids’ Easter baskets, the Happy’s are a great entertaining choice.

There are eight different Happy’s pets, Bently, Thunder, Lady, Sport, Scooter, Mittens, Jewel and our favorite Chance.

The Happys

What We Love About The Happy’s:

  • The Happy’s are a lot of fun
  • Our new friend Chance, can chase and play ball.
  • Our new friend can interact with his treat bone.
  • The Happy’s pets can follow us around
  • The Happy’s want to play just like real pets
  • The Happy’s are great for both boys and girls


What We Don’t Like About the Happy’s

  • The Happy’s use batteries, and they run out rather quickly after a couple of days of play time. We would love to have seen some sort of rechargeable function.


Take a look at The Happy’s dance video – director’s cut:



Buy It

You can buy the new Happy’s pets from the makers of Zhu Zhu at your favorite toy retailers.

Win It

One of Frugality Is Free’s readers will win a very happy prize package.




US Giveaway rules



This giveaway will end Monday May 5th at midnight EST.


Disclaimer: The Frugality Is Free family received a complimentary Happy’s prize pack for the purpose of  writing a review and hosting a giveaway as a participant of a promotional program with Cepia and MomSelect., no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on our family’s experience with the the Happy’s.

  38 Responses to “Meet the Happy’s From The Makers of ZhuZhu Pets – Review & Giveaway”

  1. Mine would like the zhu zhu pets.

  2. So many great toys to choose from! My grandsons would also like the ZhuZhu Pets and would love to watch them move around!

  3. My kids love the Zhu Zhu pets, and they would love the Happys too. My son would flip over the Dagedar Star Wars toys though! My daughter would love the Gloe toys as well.

  4. my granddaughter loves any zhu zhu pet. she would be so excited if i won this

  5. I like the Gloe

  6. I think my grandson would really like the Glo E toys. The orange puppy is really cute.

  7. My daughter says she likes the light brown puppy.

  8. my niece loves Gloe. thankyou, ken

  9. My daughter would like more zhu zhu pets, she has a few of them and always enjoys playing with them.

  10. i like the robotic hamsters

  11. they would like the Gloelins are the Guardians of imagination. they are just so cute and adorable.

  12. My granddaughters play with their Zhu Zhu pets daily and they have a lot of clothes and things for them. I love the Dagedar Star Wars and would love to have a Droid Collector Pack and the Lightsaber Duel at Geonosis, would be so much fun, since Star Wars is one of my favorite movies

  13. I think my kids would both like the Gloe collection toys. The lamb and lion would be perfect!

  14. My daughter would love the Zhu Zhu pets. Thay are just so cute. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  15. i want the dagedar toys for my son

  16. We already love the zhu zhu pets, the gloe toys look cute,
    We just saw the commercial for the happy s!they look super cute !

  17. I really like Cepia has expanded it’s line. My two oldest loved Zhu Zhu pets- we collected them, and even had a track. My daughter, the youngest, would love Mittens and Chase from the Happy’s line. I love that these toys are animals, and interactive.

  18. I think my son would like to have the Dagedar star wars. I know he would have so much fun with these.

  19. i love the The Happy’s. they are so cute. I want to win them for my daughter. fingers crossed

  20. All the zhu zhu pets would be fun! I would share this with my god son. He’d love it!

  21. My son is standing next to me asking for the Happy’s. He is jumping around because he is so excited for this new toy.

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  23. My Niece would love the zhu zhu pets!

  24. Id love the DREAMS COME FROM HERE

  25. My older grandkids are Star Wars fans so I think they would enjoy collecting the Dagadar Star Wars and my middle granddaughter loves ZhuZhu pets.

  26. My granddaughter would like the zhu zhu pets. I’d like to win it for her.

  27. My daughters would love to try ZuZu pets. I like that they come in different colors and have different personalities.

  28. They have a great assortment of cute toys. I love them all and I think my grandson would love just about all of them. The little dogs are the cutest to me. I have a little dog who looks like Bentley!!

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  30. My daughter LOVES Zhu Zhu Pets – we have tracks, and accessories as well. We even have some that have battle gear!

  31. I love all the cute toys they have. I would love to get my daughter one of these. I also like the Gloe E teddy bear.

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  33. My granddaughters love the zhu zhu pets.

  34. My daughter would love something from any of them but her favorite would probably one of the Gloe products.

  35. The look cute for my daughter my boys love the daegar ball things did not know they had a star wars version so cool

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