Apr 182014

Target Easter Hours

We wanted to give all of you a little update on the Target Easter hours, because w sure love Target in the Frugality Is Free family, but on Sunday we will not be doing any Target shopping. Target is closed on Easter Sunday April 20th, 2014.

Target is open back up again on Monday with normal opening hours.

While you are here, why don’t you come on over and enter to win the Target gift card giveaway we have going on. We love shopping at Target with Target gift cards.

You can also find all of our latest Target deals in the top navigation bar under DEALS. This week we found cereal for $0.25, shampoo for $0.33, and more great deals.


You can always find the latest info on Target Holiday Hours here at Frugality Is Free.

  5 Responses to “Target Holiday Hours Easter 2014”

  1. good for them being closed on Easter! families should be able to spend time together.

  2. Not everyone celebrates easter, its one thing to shorten hours, but to be completely close is lame.

    • I agree.

    • Many Christians don’t celebrate the Pagan Holy day at all.

      • Easter isn’t Only viewed as a pagan holiday! I’m christian! We celebrate easter as the death and resurection of Christ Jesus! Every christian follower celebrates easter this way, we may not to the eggs and the bunnies but we do celebrate easter! Sorry if I’m coming off abrasively I was just truly appalled by your comment and thought I should share truth with you.

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